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You Gotta Believe

Feb 2, 2018

A veritable pantheon of ancient goddesses asks, “Why not believe in me?” in this divinely funky animation set to...

Justin Timberlake: Filthy

Jan 8, 2018

Pop star Justin Timberlake reunites with director Mark Romanek for their second music-video collaboration, which has Timberlake hitting a tech...

Taylor Swift: End Game

Jan 12, 2018

Taylor Swift tries on some different personae in Miami, Tokyo, and London with Ed Sheeran and Future backing her...

St. Vincent: Pills

Dec 1, 2017

Director and visual artist Philippa Price orchestrates a jittery, unsettling visual counterpart — half raw anxiety, half doped-up bliss —...

Trevor Noah on Humor

Oct 19, 2017

Animator Eoin Duffy (previously on StudioDaily) visualizes a snippet of audio from CBC Radio show The Current in which The Daily...

Trailer: I Love You, Daddy

Oct 18, 2017

Distributor The Orchard says Louis C.K.’s new feature film I Love You, Daddy was “conceived in the high style of 1940s...