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SIGGRAPH Embraces Immersive Content with First VR Village

SIGGRAPH's new VR Village is ground zero for immersive content, providing a "360-degree immersion dome" for demonstrating virtual realitry, augmented reality, and full-dome cinema content. "For the debut of SIGGRAPH's VR Village, my co-chair Denise Quesnel and I wanted to … more »

Chaos Group Releases V-Ray 3.1 for Maya

Chaos Group has released V-Ray 3.1 for Maya, with a new feature slate including compatibility with Maya 2016. The new software boasts a variety of V-Ray RT GPU enhancements, including support for hair and fur, subsurface scattering, displacement and subdivision … more »


Vicon Vantage Mocap Cameras Will Make U.S. Debut at SIGGRAPH

Vicon said its new flagship camera platform, Vicon Vantage, will make its U.S. debut next month at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles. Vicon's new Control app runs on tablets and smartphones. The new system features new sensor technology that provides … more »


Allegorithmic Announces New Platform for Sharing Meshes, Shaders, other Materials

Allegorithmic announced Substance Share, a new free material-exchange platform allowing artists to share substances, meshes, shaders, smart materials, and mesh-adaptive presets. Allegorithmic's Substance products are widely used by game designers for creating and painting textures, but the company has seen some … more »

10 Ways to Save Money by Data-Mining Your Render Farm

Few pundits in the business know more about VFX pipelines than Troy Brooks. A former head of studio at Digital Domain in Vancouver, Brooks was for more than seven years the CEO of render-farm management software maker Pipeline FX as … more »


How Pixar’s Inside Out Models Real-World Filmmaking Tools

Disney Pixar’s Inside Out takes place in the outside world where 11-year-old Riley and her parents live, and in the inside world, which takes place largely in Riley’s mind. Pixar tells the interconnected stories simultaneously. We see how emotions affect Riley, … more »


Thinkbox Automates Render-Farm Set-up for Google, Amazon Cloud Platforms

Thinkbox has released Deadline Cloud Wizard for Google Cloud Platform, a new Deadline feature that automates the configuration of render farms based on Google Cloud Platform. The company said the management of Google Cloud-based render farms within Cloud Wizard is … more »


RocketComp Automates the Creation of Layered Pre-Comps Out of Maya

RocketComp, a new Maya plug-in from Andrew Hazelden, is a single-click process for generating composites from Maya scenes. It saves a new compositing project file, with all of the rendered footage, formatted for use with your choice of application, including The Foundry Nuke, … more »


Panasas Scales Up the Scale-Out NAS with ActiveStor 18

Storage vendor Panasas put more power into its push into the media and entertainment market today with the announcement of the new ActiveStor 18 scale-out NAS appliance. The key specs for the ActiveStor 18 are scalability and storage density. With … more »


Pixar’s RenderMan Software Speeds Up Ray-Tracing Results

Pixar released version 20 of its RenderMan software, introducing a new noise-reduction technology designed to more efficiently deal with artifacts created by physically based ray tracers. The company said the new denoising system has allowed a "massive" reduction in the … more »