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Review: Autodesk 3ds Max 2014

For more than 25 years, 3ds Max has been the workhorse of the 3D/CGI community. Often relegated to a back seat when compared to Maya, the last few releases of 3ds Max have brought it up to par with anything … more »


Render Rocket to Bow LaunchPad and Throttle at SIGGRAPH

Cloud-based rendering, especially among small-to-midsize facilities that and can't afford to run, let alone maintain power-hungry local render farms, is entering a new era of productivity. Thanks to increased bandwidth and advanced security protocols, cloud-based services give users across a … more »

Imagineer to Debut Mocha Pro Update at SIGGRAPH

Imagineer Systems is set to show Mocha Pro v3.2 at SIGGRAPH next week, a new release featuring bug fixes and expanded international character and keyboard support. Also during the show, Imagineer's booth will be hosting visual-effects artists from Legend 3D, … more »


Eyeon Ships Production Pipeline Software

Eyeon announced the shipping release of its Eyeon Production Pipeline (EPP), a workflow tool designed to reduce the need for VFX artists to learn specific naming and file-saving conventions in order to access shots and other assets related to a … more »

Maxon Firms Up SIGGRAPH Plans

For Maxon, this will be the first SIGGRAPH following its strategic alliance with Adobe, a major development in the VFX business that brings powerful 3D functions into After Effects. That means the company has lots to talk about this year, … more »


Pixologic Updates ZBrush With New ZRemesher Retopology Tool

Pixologic upgraded ZBrush again last week, releasing version 4R6 for Windows and Mac with the new ZRemesher, an automatic retopology feature that's tuned for speed. The company said the new tool can quickly and automatically analyze the curvature of a … more »


Focus on White House Down

Perhaps no filmmaker has been more closely associated with VFX-enabled destruction than Roland Emmerich, the director of large-scale disaster movies that include such apocalyptic scenarios as Independence Day, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012. White House Down, which recreates … more »

Troika Promotes Kristen Olsen to General Manager

Troika, founded by industry veteran Dan Pappalardo in 2001, is known for its high-octane motion graphics packages and marketing campaigns for NBC Sports, ESPN, ABC, FOX and Disney. The brand consultancy is now targeting a growth phase in both traditional and … more »


VFX Artist Dylan Cole’s Otherworldly New Picture Book

When he was a kid, Dylan Cole was always drawing. Looking back, he figures his biggest influence at the time was Star Wars—a fact that could not have escaped his mom, whose Mother’s Day cards were always decorated with the … more »

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Q&A: Ntropic’s Nate Robinson on Marco Brambilla’s Creation [Megaplex] 3D

If you've ever been to New York's Standard Hotel, you've seen the work of Marco Brambilla, a New York-based video artist originally from Milan. Civilization, the first in the three-part [Megaplex] video series that continued in 2010 with Evolution [Megaplex] … more »