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360° Video Using Six GoPro Cameras

Journalist and photographer Jonas Ginter made this 360-degree panoramic video using six GoPro cameras. After experimenting with rubber-bands and cable ties, he designed and 3D-printed the custom camera mount.


Musicless Music Video: The Prodigy “Firestarter”

What do you get when you re-edit a classic music video with completely new sound effects in place of, you know, music? Well, it's hard to describe. These oddities are created by Mario Wienerroither of Vienna's Digitalofen audiobakery music production studio.


In Dreams

For his final-year graduation film, Northumbria University student Samuel Blain interviewed four people about their dreams, then sought to visualize their bizarre images in a different kind of talking-heads shot.


Light Painting with Pixelstick

Duncan Frazier and Stephen McGuigan, aka Bitbanger Labs, created the Pixelstick, a handheld LED device that allows elaborate light paintings to be created in camera through long exposures that register the programmed lights but (usually) not the person operating the Pixelstick. … more »


A Short History of the Highrise: Concrete

This short film is the second part of an Emmy-award-winning, collaborative and interactive "documentary experiment" between the National Film Board of Canada and Op-Docs, the New York Times editorial department’s forum for short, opinionated documentaries. The entire Highrise project spans … more »


Rebel Rocket Attack

In the swing of his month-long "residency on the streets of New York," graffiti artist Banksy released what may be his first-ever video. We won't spoil it, but it spoofs American cultural imperialism and makes a punning reference to a … more »


The Day Wonderland Stood Still

Inspired by the red-tinged Nibiran jungle scene that opens J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness and Ross Ching's "Empty America Series," photographer Bruce W. Berry Jr. created this time-lapse sequence that renders a Kodak EIR-style infrared look in broad daylight. … more »



Check out the latest concepts in projection-mapping in this video. It's not a VFX piece — improbably, everything you see was part of the live performance, and was captured in camera, showing how clever and precise video projection can lend … more »



Organizing the efforts of a still photographer at a family reunion, two animators, a Nuke artist, and a composer, director Anthony Cerniello created a five-minute long video simulating the aging process, step by nearly imperceptible step. 



Check out filmmaker Stanislas Giroux's deceptively simple manipulation of fireworks imagery shot with the Canon 550D.