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The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

Dip into this full-length remake of Episode V a bit at a time, or gorge on the whole thing—it's made up of more than 480 individual segments created by a multitude of fans with prodigious talent, creativity and/or enthusiasm.

DNA Project 630

The DNA Project

Brooklyn-based producer, songwriter and visual artist j.viewz (Jonathan Dagan) collaborated with creative agency Hello Monday to develop the first-of-its-kind online music platform that will give his audience nonlinear and interactive access to the evolution of his next album as he creates … more »


Inside Me

We're not entirely sure what's going on in this video, but it sure is pretty. Filmmaker Dmitry Zakharov says the images are built from a 3D scan of his own body, which is seen from the inside and out, with … more »


Sketch Three: Avant-Garde (R.P.M. 2)

A car wheel + a tiny crash cam + several inches of duct tape = instant avant-garde headtrip, courtesy filmmaker Ryan Fox. 


Transformers: The Premake

This video-essayist's appropriation of crowdsourced footage related to the making of the new Transformers movie is as cheeky as it is scholarly. Dubbed a "desktop documentary," the whole thing takes place on the display of filmmaker Kevin B. Lee's MacBook … more »


Loving Vincent Concept Trailer

BreakThru Films's Hugh Welchman won an Academy Award for his stop-motion short film “Peter and the Wolf” and director/writer Dorota Kobiela created the first "painting animation" in 3D. But their latest project, due for a 2015 release, is even more … more »


Aug(De)Mented Reality

Storyboard artist Marty Cooper, aka Hombre_McSteez, uses his iPhone 5 and manually superimposed cel animation to transform mundane backdrops into brilliant and raucous mini cartoons.


Painted: An Adventure in Stop-Motion Body Art

Make-up artist Elvis Schmoulianoff was body-painter, photographer, editor, and model for this short, which she shot on a lark in natural light with a point-and-shoot snapshot camera and edited in Lightworks.


360° Video Using Six GoPro Cameras

Journalist and photographer Jonas Ginter made this 360-degree panoramic video using six GoPro cameras. After experimenting with rubber-bands and cable ties, he designed and 3D-printed the custom camera mount.


Musicless Music Video: The Prodigy “Firestarter”

What do you get when you re-edit a classic music video with completely new sound effects in place of, you know, music? Well, it's hard to describe. These oddities are created by Mario Wienerroither of Vienna's Digitalofen audiobakery music production studio.