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Hyundai: A World Without Limits

The unhappy concept of "limits" is explored in a series of madcap animated vignettes from director Steve Small with London's Studio AKA, who produced this campaign for Hyundai.


The First DIY Honda Car

Watch Honda spoof the DIY/handmade movement in this April Fools spot featuring "Vanessa and Caleb," a young couple building their own car at home, from a kit featuring more than 180,000 mechanical parts.


This Is a Generic Brand Video

Have you ever made one of these? Royalty-free stock footage provider Dissolve found this satirical piece at McSweeney's and couldn't resist bringing it to deadpan life with clips from its own library.


Superman with a GoPro

Talk about high concept — the title of this one says it all. Thanks, Superman! Filmmaking team Corridor Digital includes directors Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer and producer Jake Watson. 


The Meat Planet

With Fox's much-hyped reboot of Cosmos on the air, take a look at this "never-before-seen episode" of the original series, in which Carl Sagan describes "an interstellar gastronomic delicacy" called … the Meat Planet. Wait, what?


HUVr: The Future Has Arrived

Who's behind this viral promotion of a sci-fi hoverboard endorsed by Tony Hawk, Moby, and even Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd? Hard to tell from the video itself, or the clever company website. Will there be a payoff farther down … more »


Video Tutorial: The Edit Button v2.0

A year and a half ago, Scott Simmons noticed a tutorial for a new NLE that could really take the headache out of cutting and rendering — not to mention shooting and scripting. It seemed too good to be true. … more »


Thin White Gelato

Deep, dark wintry days are a good time to dip into sweet indulgences, like this nostalgic homage to the children's book and animated film, The Snowman—with a tip of the hat to David Bowie's latest album The Next Day. Trunk Animation … more »


Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film

This comic short film from Austin, TX-based director Joe Nicolosi (remember "Kittywood?") deconstructs genre clichés, asking why horror-movie protagonists can't, you know, just show better judgment once in a while. Drew Daniels was the DP and VFX were contributed by … more »


Monty Python and the Holy Grail Modern Trailer

Truth in advertising? Overrated! Enjoy the absurdity of this faux trailer that recuts 1975's legendary medieval farce Monty Python and the Holy Grail as a 2013 action picture. (This is the superior version remade, at YouTube commenters' behest, using Trajan … more »