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Animating a Jump Tutorial Part #269

3D cartooning is nothing but trouble in this mock animation tutorial by Nathan Hibberd that plays a little like a miniature Looney Tunes short set entirely inside Autodesk Maya. [via CartoonBrew]


The Mysterious Floating Orb

Turns out "Weird Al" Yankovic makes more than just funny music videos these days.


Snowballs in Super-Slo-Mo

Baltimore agency Exit10 wished its clients happy holidays with a winter-themed video showing staff getting … well, getting hit in the face with snowballs. It was shot at 1500fps with the Vision Research Miro M320s high-speed camera.

Avengers Christmas Carol VOD

The Avengers Sing Christmas Carols

Call it a very Marvel Christmas Carol: the latest seasonal mashup from editor James Covenant, who brought us this Jean-Luc Picard classic last year, features a wacky coda from Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot.


Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in 20 Different Styles

Vocal chameleon Anthony Vincent, also known as Ten Second Songs, takes the Michael Jackson classic around the block in this hit YouTube video posted just in time for Halloween.


“99 Red Balloons” Played with Red Balloons

Musician Andrew Huang (no relation to previously featured filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang) breaks down his version of the 1980s classic by German pop band Nena with split screens in a clever video promo for his tour of Germany and the U.K.



This short about a lonely traveler and a magic laptop warns: be careful what you wish for — especially if it involves roping in other people against their will. It's directed by Spencer Susser, edited by Susser and Daniel Cloud … more »


100 Ways to Attack the Groin

Nothing too serious going on right here, as martial-arts master Ken Poe (Matt Page) of web series Enter the Dojo demonstrates 100 ways to go for the cheap shot. The YouTube comedy series is produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by RiffRaff … more »


Mick Jagger on Monty Python

Watch Mick Jagger gripe about "wrinkly old men trying to relive their youth and make a load of money" in this promo for the British comedy troupe's stand at London's O2 arena, which kicked off July 1.


Homemade Movies: Battle of Hoth

If you know The Empire Strikes Back like the back of your hand, you'll immediately recognize the effort that went into this lo-fi shot-by-shot remake, right down to the a cappella version of the John Williams score.