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Pixels: The Short Film

Here's an oldie but a goodie: Patrick Jean's short film "Pixels," shot on location in NYC, inspired the Adam Sandler movie of the same title opening today. (Jean has an executive producer credit on the feature.)


Catzooka: Cat Launcher!

Byron Gatt, aka Super Epic Cats, makes awesome videos starring his cats, Leonard and Avery. Happy Friday!


One-Minute Time Machine

A "one-minute time machine" seems like great way for an awkward guy to make sure he makes a good first impression. But as this comic sci-fi short (NSFW language) demonstrates, trying to cheat your way to happiness can have dire existential … more »


Only in Monroe: July 2015

Monroe Public Access Cable Television [site offline at press time] saw its viewership skyrocket this month, when — in a David Letterman-level stunt — Stephen Colbert hosted the latest edition of public-access show Only in Monroe. His special guest? Local rapper Eminem.


The Internetest Safety Video on the Internet

Part of the fun of watching Delta's latest safety video is imagining how bizarre it must seem to viewers who aren't already acquainted with viral Internet sensations like Keyboard Cat, Dramatic Chipmunk, and the venerable Dancing Baby. For a complete list of … more »


EmpTV Cribs Stormtrooper Edition

This Star Wars-themed spoof shows why it's good to be a Stormtrooper—but also that Darth Vader can really kill a party. 


The 8 Spiders You Eat in Your Sleep Every Year

You may have heard that the average person eats (that's right, eats) eight spiders in a year's time. But is that really believable? At last, a YouTube video (via L.A. sketch comedy group Extremely Decent) dares to visualize the spider-eating process.


Second Thoughts

What's on the other side? In a new, typically performance-centric short from director David Shane and production company B-Negative, this suicide-cult leader suddenly realizes he's not that eager to find out. Tami Reiker, ASC (Pieces of April, Beyond the Lights), was the … more »


Boring Office Job GoPro Commercial

This parody video cut together by YouTuber Braziliandanny reminds us all that not everyone needs an extreme action cam.


Apple ][ Watch

If you've been in the business long enough, you'll definitely recognize the classic design aesthetic at work in the Apple 2 Watch — it's just that the technology wasn't quite market-ready back in 1985.