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EmpTV Cribs Stormtrooper Edition

This Star Wars-themed spoof shows why it's good to be a Stormtrooper—but also that Darth Vader can really kill a party. 


The 8 Spiders You Eat in Your Sleep Every Year

You may have heard that the average person eats (that's right, eats) eight spiders in a year's time. But is that really believable? At last, a YouTube video (via L.A. sketch comedy group Extremely Decent) dares to visualize the spider-eating process.


Second Thoughts

What's on the other side? In a new, typically performance-centric short from director David Shane and production company B-Negative, this suicide-cult leader suddenly realizes he's not that eager to find out. Tami Reiker, ASC (Pieces of April, Beyond the Lights), was the … more »


Boring Office Job GoPro Commercial

This parody video cut together by YouTuber Braziliandanny reminds us all that not everyone needs an extreme action cam.


Apple ][ Watch

If you've been in the business long enough, you'll definitely recognize the classic design aesthetic at work in the Apple 2 Watch — it's just that the technology wasn't quite market-ready back in 1985.


The Honda HR-V Selfie Edition

Real car or April Fools' joke? If you're still figuring it out one week later, hat tip to Flame artist Steven Williams of Butcher for making all those tiny cameras look so believable. Butcher's Teddy Gersten, assisted by Leah Turner, edited … more »


How to Be a Filmmaker

The YouTube satiricists known as IFHT effectively lampoon themselves in this video that reveals certain, um, tricks of the filmmaking trade. And remember: no matter how you say bokeh, you're saying it wrong.


Why the Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000

Wondering exactly what the difference is between different models of the new Apple watch? Now you know. (Some language NSFW.)


Birdman Action Figure TV Commercial

The Best Picture Oscar-winner gets one last push from Fox Searchlight in this mock TV spot for a vintage Birdman action figure with, well, a slightly crusty vocabulary.


Robot Nom Nom

Is that an android eating a sandwich? In just 39 seconds, actor Chadd Smith (Step Up 3D) demonstrates how much you can do with a solid performance and some well-chosen sound effects.