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fabio wibmer

Fabio Wibmer: Limitless Trail

Sure, YouTube is choked with POV videos captured by daredevils riding mountain bikes. But this short clip has just enough of a narrative hook to keep the pedals moving — not to mention a jittery, profanity-spiked running commentary by biker Fabio Wibmer. 


Alexis’s Wish

Of the many wonderful things the Make-A-Wish Foundation has rendered in real life for children with cancer, this touching animated short is among the most unique. The six-year-old girl who willed it into existence, with some big help from Seattle-based World … more »


He Dies At The End

In honor of Halloween, enjoy a classic Internet fright film — from 2008, director Damian McCarthy's short, tense "He Dies At The End."



An inventive series of interconnected visual vignettes make up director Terri Timely's enigmatic short film, "Input/Output." It was produced through Park Pictures.

A Stiff-Necked People by Nina Paley

A Stiff-Necked People

StudioDaily favorite Nina Paley, whose stunning Sita Sings the Blues retold stories from ancient Hindu epic the Ramayana to the tunes of early jazz singer Annette Hanshaw, is back with "A Stiff-Necked People," an excerpt from the Biblical book of Exodus set to the … more »



This beautiful but inscrutable short film was shot on the Digital Bolex D16 Cinema Camera. Writer-director-editor-cinematographer-VFX-artist Jordan Daniel Chesney tells Directors Notes, "Because of the C-mount I could shoot with older lenses, which I love, and because of the global … more »


Fugu & Tako

A businessman's intemperate demand for fresh sushi has life-changing effects in this short film from VFX specialist Ben West and his Robot VFX. Cinematographer Callan Green, ACS, shot with the ARRI Alexa and Drew Thompson, ASE, edited. More details are at fxguide.


Danny and the Wild Bunch

Editorial changes to give a children's picture book a darker tone have sinister consequences in this short film about a writer who becomes a victim of her own characters. It's written and directed by Robert Rugan and photographed by Pete Konczal; … more »



Director Joseph Kahn (Torque, Detention) riffs hard on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in a bloody, profane and completely unauthorized "deboot" of the 1990s TV franchise. It's already ruffling feathers—Vimeo made a NSFW version a "staff pick," then removed it a few hours … more »


Robot Nom Nom

Is that an android eating a sandwich? In just 39 seconds, actor Chadd Smith (Step Up 3D) demonstrates how much you can do with a solid performance and some well-chosen sound effects.