A dental hygienist gives a shark a deep cleaning in this brand integration from Agency 2C Creative, which put a great white in the dentist's chair for Crest and Discovery Channel's Shark Week. The scenario was shot with a body double wearing a green suit and a shark helmet, who was later replaced by a CG shark thanks to 3D artists/compositors Andy Fernandez and Dmitri Zavyazkin, working in Maxon Cinema 4D. "The integration of the shark into the scene was a slow, deliberate process over a month involving some 40 hours of rendering for the final composited 10 shots, but the result was well worth it," said 2C Design Director Luis Martinez in a prepared statement. Shark Week 2018 started yesterday and continues through next Sunday, July 29.


Discovery Vice President, Branded Entertainment at Discovery Channel and Science Channel: Michael Eisenbaum Sr. Manager, Ad Sales Marketing: Theresa Sun Production Manager: Nettie Ferrara Crest Agency Director, Content Collective: Andrew Littell 2C Chief Creative Officer: Chris Sloan General Manager, Senior Director of Operations: Nikki Coloma Live-Action Director/Creative Director: Brian Eloe Senior Editor: Chris Volz Design Director/ VFX Supervisor: Luis Martinez Executive Producer/Design: Bob Cobb 3D Artist, Compositor & Color Correction: Dmitri Zavyazkin 3D Artist & Compositor: Andy Fernandez Technical Operations Manager: Ashley Hartford Assistant Editor: Williams Naranjo Collaborators Director of Photography: Chuck Ozeas Line Producer: Chris Stoerchle Art Director: Greg Jackson Sound Design / Mix: Cesar Haliwa