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The Crew of HBO’s Vice on Their Go-To Gear

Canon posted this look at how DPs on HBO's Vice use the company's cameras, including the EOS C300, XF105, XF305, and 5D Mark III.


Pyro Board

Watch some young physicists use sound waves to light up a plane of 2,500 Bunsen burners — making the collective flames a tool for visualization of music. (The good stuff starts at 3:38.)


On Location with Daniel Hurst and MōVI

Watch VIA Films owner Daniel Hurst put the MōVI rig through its paces shooting stock footage with the Canon EOS-1D C and Red Epic in this video from Shutterstock.

ADR with Doc Kane

Disney’s Doc Kane on Top-Notch ADR

This terrific short has ADR mixer Doc Kane of Walt Disney Studios talking analogue compressors and mic pres, riding the faders in real time, and working with John Goodman, Robin Williams, Meryl Streep, and more. [Via Soundworks Collection]


Squito Throwable 360-Degree Panoramic Camera

Pushing the boundaries of camera-stabilization technology, Squito is a throwable camera that takes panoramic stills and watchable video footage as it flies. It was invented by Boston's Serveball.


The Changing Shape of Cinema: The History of Aspect Ratio

You may know all about aspect ratios, but are you aware of the people in events in film history that guided their evolution? Just in case you skipped film school, offers a crash course in the shape of your … more »


SIGGRAPH 2013: Technical Papers Preview Trailer

Here's the annual preview of scholarly work that will be highlighted at SIGGRAPH 2013, which kicks off July 21 in Anaheim, CA. Visit the SIGGRAPH website for a schedule of presentations by paper authors.


Local Hero Post’s Leandro Marini on the Promise of Creative DI

I first sat down with colorist and Local Hero Post owner Leandro Marini back in September during IBC. In front of a full Assimilate Scratch system in a curtained corner of Assimilate's booth, he showed me some of the things … more »


MōVI in Action

In case you missed it, this little stabilized rig from Seattle's Freefly Systems has generated a lot of chatter in advance of NAB 2013. You can read all about it and see footage at Vincent Laforet's blog, but this short … more »


Hacked DSLR Shutter vs. Parkour at Tempest Academy

We're not sure how John Irwin hacked his DSLR or built this custom intervalometer or why his video of traceurs at Tempest Freerunning Academy would glitch out the way it does, but it sure is freaky. Heck, by the time we're … more »