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Eye Tracking on an F1 Car

How does a Formula One (F1) racer see the road ahead? As part of its coverage, Sky Sports F1 put eye-tracking goggles on German champion pro racer Nico Hülkenberg to see just what part of the scene he's keeping his eyes on as … more »

SIGGRAPH 2016 technical papers

SIGGRAPH 2016: Technical Papers Trailer

Previewing everything from simulated, gesture-based device interactions to the latest in illumination techniques and 3D-printed materials, the cheeky but highly scientific trailer for SIGGRAPH 2016's collection of technical papers has arrived.


How Do Digital Projectors Produce 281 Trillion Shades of Color

Watch Science Channel dismantle a 3D model of a digital projector to catalog the microscopic technology that creates the images — and the elaborate cooling system that keeps them running. From Machines: How They Work.

Sky Magic

Sky Magic Live at Mt. Fuji

Proving that drones aren't just for carrying cameras, Japanese firm MicroAd has launched Sky Magic — UAVs carrying LED lights synchronized to accompanying audio create an overhead light show in three dimensions. In this video, creative director Tsuyoshi Takashiro coordinated more than 20 MIDI-controlled UAVs … more »

Early CG

44-Year-Old 3D Computer Graphics

Robby Ingebretsen posted this digital copy of an 8mm print of what he believes may be the first-ever film rendered in 3D CG, created in 1972 by Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull and computer scientist Fred Parke. The 3D titles were created by Robby's … more »


3D Will Be Back … But Not As We Know It

Intrigued by the light-field camera technology introduced at this year's NAB? Put on your thinking cap and learn about other ways to capture volumetric images in this presentation by GoPro's Tim Macmillan from the 27th annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference held … more »

lens flare

Lens Flare Is Everywhere

Through film history, directors and cinematographers have first shunned, then embraced lens flare. Vox looks at the history of lens flares, shows how they were avoided for most of film history, then explains why they became a fundamental visual attribute of … more »


The NFL’s Magic Yellow Line Explained

Without getting technical, Vox takes a look at the yellow first-down line superimposed on the gridiron for NFL games — including how it works and when it doesn't work — and other innovations in contemporary sports broadcasting.

droste effect video

Spherical Droste Video

3D sculptor and mathematician Henry Segerman has been spending a lot of time thinking about the mathematical implications of spherical video. This mind-bending piece, featuring a slow pan across a clip of video looped tail to head using "Möbius transformations" … more »

Disney FaceDirector

FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video

Ever wonder what kind of tools might one day be available in next generation NLEs? Take a gander at Disney's FaceDirector technology for blending multiple takes of a given performance to synthesize a new take by blending and transitioning between the different … more »