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lens flare

Lens Flare Is Everywhere

Through film history, directors and cinematographers have first shunned, then embraced lens flare. Vox looks at the history of lens flares, shows how they were avoided for most of film history, then explains why they became a fundamental visual attribute of … more »


The NFL’s Magic Yellow Line Explained

Without getting technical, Vox takes a look at the yellow first-down line superimposed on the gridiron for NFL games — including how it works and when it doesn't work — and other innovations in contemporary sports broadcasting.

droste effect video

Spherical Droste Video

3D sculptor and mathematician Henry Segerman has been spending a lot of time thinking about the mathematical implications of spherical video. This mind-bending piece, featuring a slow pan across a clip of video looped tail to head using "Möbius transformations" … more »

Disney FaceDirector

FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video

Ever wonder what kind of tools might one day be available in next generation NLEs? Take a gander at Disney's FaceDirector technology for blending multiple takes of a given performance to synthesize a new take by blending and transitioning between the different … more »

Weird lens

Shooting a Video with a 1910 Lens

Mathieu Stern says his new YouTube series will cover "weird lenses." He mounts this golden oldie on a Sony A7II using an M42 mount and bellows for controlling focus. Have an idea for an oddball lens you'd like to see him try out? … more »


Facial Animation Test

Are we out of the uncanny valley yet? Well, we're getting closer. Character artist Mathieu Aerni sculpted (in Pixologic ZBrush), textured and shaded this CG head for an impressive animation test at Blur Studio.


Forever 21’s Thread Screen

Is this 2,000-pound machine the most eccentric large-screen display device ever built? It's custom-designed to display Instagram photos using only different-colored spools of thread (well, that and a ton of computing power behind the scenes).


The History, Present, and Possible Future of Increased Resolution for Motion Imaging

Go back to school with Mark Schubin and his 15-minute presentation covering the first fax machine, invented in 1843; the first push for "high-definition television," in 1935; the implications of a new camera that runs at up to 4.4 trillion fps … more »


The Mechanics of the Film Projector

Bone up on the basics of old-school image-making — the three-blade shutter, the "flicker fusion threshhold," and how audio is encoded in light — with EngineerGuy's detailed look at the technology inside the once-ubiquitous 16mm film projector.


Nikon Coolpix P900 83x Optical Zoom: Video Test on Moon

Forget about megapixels—the new arms race for consumer cameras is in megazooms. Watch the new $600 Nikon Coolpix P900 bring the moon down to earth with an 83x optical zoom. Sure, image quality is limited, especially with no raw shooting … more »