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Tony Hawk on a hoverboard

Tony Hawk Rides the World’s First Real Hoverboard

California start-up Hendo Hover claims its Magnetic Field Architecture will eventually be used to lift buildings off the ground in case of earthquake or flood. To earn some publicity, it built a hoverboard as a proof of concept; Tony Hawk (who … more »


I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!

VFX artist Dave Fothergill (Nova, Stephen Hawking's Universe) rendered this short but hilarious demo with Arnold to show off the "servo force" simulation in the free Miarmy crowd-simulation toolkit for Maya, which allows "struggling" animations in place of simple rag-doll physics.


Debunking Lunar Landing Conpiracies with Maxwell and VXGI

Conpiracy theorists who think Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never took a moon walk won't be impressed as Nvidia GeForce GPU hardware models the lighting of the original lunar landing in Unreal Engine 4.


Seven Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks

Taking a shot with your phone isn't the desperation move it used to be, but that tiny lens is still pretty limiting compared to a real camera. Here are some ideas from photographer Lorenz Holder for getting more interesting iPhone shots … more »


Omote: Real-Time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping

Project Omote combines projection-mapping technology with face-tracking to apply a digital mask in real time. It's a collaboration between Nobumichi Asai, Hiroto Kuwahara, and Paul Lacroix. 


The Crew of HBO’s Vice on Their Go-To Gear

Canon posted this look at how DPs on HBO's Vice use the company's cameras, including the EOS C300, XF105, XF305, and 5D Mark III.


Pyro Board

Watch some young physicists use sound waves to light up a plane of 2,500 Bunsen burners — making the collective flames a tool for visualization of music. (The good stuff starts at 3:38.)


On Location with Daniel Hurst and MōVI

Watch VIA Films owner Daniel Hurst put the MōVI rig through its paces shooting stock footage with the Canon EOS-1D C and Red Epic in this video from Shutterstock.

ADR with Doc Kane

Disney’s Doc Kane on Top-Notch ADR

This terrific short has ADR mixer Doc Kane of Walt Disney Studios talking analogue compressors and mic pres, riding the faders in real time, and working with John Goodman, Robin Williams, Meryl Streep, and more. [Via Soundworks Collection]


Squito Throwable 360-Degree Panoramic Camera

Pushing the boundaries of camera-stabilization technology, Squito is a throwable camera that takes panoramic stills and watchable video footage as it flies. It was invented by Boston's Serveball.