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Autodesk Smoke 2015 Now Available for Pay-As-You-Go Online Subscription

Autodesk's latest version of Smoke, its Mac-based video editing and effects software, is available for the first time as a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription. Starting at $195 for a monthly rental and $1750 for the full year, Smoke 2015 … more »


NAB Top 10: Big Ideas in Production and Post

As always, picking the top products at an NAB show is a tricky task. Yes, some technology is an obvious game-changer right out of the gate, while other innovations either founder on their way out of the factory or stumble … more »


NAB 2014 Video: AJA

James Mathers talks to Tony Cacciarelli about the new CION Cinema Camera and the new LUT-boX from AJA.


AJA Enters the Cinema Camera Market with the Cion

Nick Rashby, President of AJA Video Systems, unveiled a host of new products for the mid to high end video production world. But jaws dropped at AJA's announcement and unveiling of Cion, the company's new entry into the motion-picture camera … more »


AJA’s Io 4K Handles Higher Frame Rates with Software Upgrade

AJA has added high-frame-rate support to its Thunderbolt 2-enabled Io 4K I/O hardware, upgrading its Mac drivers to support 50, 59.94 and 60fps at both 4K and UltraHD resolution. The iO 4K provides real-time 4K and UHD downconversion over a … more »


AJA Previews Io 4K with Thunderbolt 2

Recalling a promise not to announce new products until they're ready to ship, AJA took care to couch news of the forthcoming Io 4K as a "technology preview" at IBC. The Thunderbolt 2-enabled Io 4K will ship at the same … more »


DP Alex Buono on Saturday Night Live‘s Evolving 4K Workflow

While 4K and high-frame-rate recording are making slow but steady inroads in feature filmmaking, the higher-resolution format has been a harder sell to television networks who still broadcast in HD, one-fourth the resolution of 4K. But with the coming wave … more »


NABA 2013 Video: AJA

Bryce Button talks industry partnerships and shows us the newest products — but only the ones ready to ship! — from AJA.

KiStor BACK - Thunderbolt

AJA Announces 750 GB USB 3.0 KiStor Module and Companion Thunderbolt Dock for Ki Pro Line

AJA today introduced a new line of media storage for the company's Ki Pro file-based recording devices. Called "KiStor," the USB 3.0-enabled drives will bring much faster throughput and should therefore greatly reduce transfer times when moving media from Ki Pro or … more »

NAB 2012: AJA

AJA President Nick Rashby tells us about the 4K Ki Pro Quad (describing the uncompressed workflow for a Canon C500 and Thunderbolt-enabled MacBook Pro), the 1 RU Ki Pro, and the T-TAP.Click here for more NAB video.