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Memnon Seeking New Clients in Indiana U. Digitization Push

The one-year-old Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI), a joint project between Indiana University (IU) and Sony company Memnon, has racked up 100,000 saves so far — that's 100,000 audio and video recordings held by the university that have been digitized before … more »

The Case for Object Storage

Of the 798 episodes of the BBC’s Doctor Who that have been filmed and aired since 1963, 97 are missing. According to The New Yorker, old episodes were simply taped over when new ones were made: “In the 1960s and … more »

Tolis Group Announces DAM and Windows Tape Archiving Solutions

TOLIS Group provides market leading asset archiving-to-tape solutions and is pleased to announce two extensions to these proven solutions. From Ingest to Edit to Management to Archival and Delivery – TOLIS Group has the Broadcast, Film, and Music Industries covered. … more »

Q&A: Cache-A’s Mark Ostlund on LTO-6 Tape Archives

Cache-A today shipped new versions of its Pro-Cache, Power-Cache and Library24 and Library48 automation systems that support the new LTO-6 tape format, which substantially boosts capacity and data rates for archiving to data tape. The new Prime-Cache6 desktop appliance has … more »


Cache-A Unleashes the Power of LTO-6 Archiving

Cache-A Corporation (www.cache-a.com), manufacturer of award-winning archiving appliances, has launched the first in a new generation of LTO-6 archive appliances. Available immediately, these appliances meet the media and entertainment industry need to safeguard ever-increasing volumes of priceless assets at minimal … more »


T3Media CEO Kevin Schaff on Moving Media Archiving to the Cloud

Offering a database of footage from clients including first-tier content owners like Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and National Geographic, T3Media — formerly known as Thought Equity Motion — has long been considered a fixture in the stock footage business. Now, … more »

LTO4 Tape Archiving on the Mac

Just about every new camera system has ditched the tired, old idea of recording to tape. I thank my personal god for that, but not all tape needs to go the way of the Dodo. It turns out that a particular tape format called LTO4 is still the best option for backing up and archiving the footage you've shot on your tapeless camera more »

VFX Companies Lower Storage Costs with Ocarina

The cost of storage is part of doing business whether it’s in the post production facility or the visual effects studio. Rainmaker Entertainment and Zoic Studios both took a step to reduce those costs by adding Ocarina Networks‘ ECOsystem. According … more »