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Disposable Camcorders: How Good Can They Be?

First off, you are probably asking, “What is a disposable camcorder, and why would I need one?” What it is depends on your needs and your bank account. To big movie studios, it may be a $2500 Canon DSLR. To … more »

Creative-cartel is like a family

Client-Side VFX, Part One: Jenny Fulle

Jenny Fulle is a force to be appreciated. She knows this business inside and out and has formulated her business philosophy with that broad perspective. She is founder and VFX producer at Creative-Cartel – VFX. With more than 30 years … more »


Space Command: Drilling Down

Well, the Kickstarter crowd-sourcing venture to launch Space Command ended last night. The team asked for $75,000 and got $221,267.00 from 2,965 separate backers. I believe it's set several records. Marc Zicree was given Ray Bradbury's Oscar by a Space Command backer.I … more »