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NAB 2012: Blackmagic Design

Stuart Ashton of Blackmagic Design talks about "wowing people" at NAB with the new Digital Cinema Camera.Click here for more NAB video.

NAB 2012: ARRI Workflow

Henning Raedlein updates us on the state of the art in ARRIRAW and other ARRI workflow options.Click here for more NAB video.


Canon Announces Cinema EOS C500 Camera with 4K Output

Canon spilled some beans this morning with the news that NAB attendees will see a prototype of a new EOS digital-cinema camera, the C500, with a key difference from the recently announced C300 — this one will output a raw … more »

Phantom Miro M320S

Phantom’s Miro M320S Shoots 1080p at 1540fps

Vision Research has just announced the Phantom Miro M320S digital high-speed camera, which captures super-slow-motion footage at full HD resolution (1,540 fps at 1920×1080) or even a little bit higher (1,380 fps at 1920×1200).The M320S has a 12-bit CMOS sensor … more »


Sony’s NEX-FS700 Shoots Super Slo-Mo with a 4K CMOS

Sony's latest Super 35 digital camcorder, the NEX-FS700, brings super-slow-motion to the table, boasting recording speeds of up to 240fps in an eight-second burst at full 1080p HD resolution. (If you're willing to sacrifice vertical resolution, the FS700 will capture … more »

DSLR Gear: Filmtoys Camera Support on Kickstarter

I've mentioned a few Kickstarter campaigns on this blog over the years. Kickstarter is such a cool idea and I've been enjoying products that have resulted from Kickstater myself. A new one caught my eye today for Filmtoys. It's a … more »

Top 7 Things Filmmakers Can Be Thankful for This Year

This is far from an exhaustive list, but when you’re gathered round the table this Thursday, why not say a word of thanks—depending on the crowd, maybe only in your head—for these recent developments in production and post. Let’s hope … more »

As iPhone Ups its Imaging Game, How Will Filmmakers Use It?

Apple’s iPhone has impressive imaging capabilities — for a phone. But now that the specs are out for the new iPhone 4S, what does it mean for filmmakers? At first glance, the answer might seem to be, “Not much.” Based … more »

Bellflower Director Builds His Own Digital Camera

Some filmmakers want a camera to be as unique as the story it tells. Film history is littered with unusual and esoteric equipment put to very personal uses — like the 50mm f0.7 Zeiss still-camera lens that Stanley Kubrick repurposed … more »

Shooting Game of Thrones with the ARRI Alexa

If you’ve been watching HBO’s Game of Thrones — which reached a bracing, dispiriting climax at the end of the ninth episode, which aired Sunday night — you know that life is hard for heroes, and that just about everyone … more »