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VES Bay Area Panel: Dos and Don’ts of 3D Stereo

The VES Bay Area Section of the Visual Effects Society (VES) presented a panel on “Exploring 3D Stereo Dos and Don’ts” during an industry party that drew over 400 people and was hosted by The Kerner Group at Kerner’s San … more »

Interview: The Taqwacores Cinematographer J.P. Perry

On Friday, Strand Releasing opens The Taqwacores in New York City; a Los Angeles release is planned for November 12. Based on a novel by Michael Muhammad Knight that was once distributed free in Xerox-copy form, The Taqwacores depicts a … more »

Shooting Kelly Rowland’s 3D Music Video

Director Rankin and cinematographer Marco Mazzei just shot “Rose Colored Glasses,” a 3D music video for singer Kelly Rowland, clear proof that the craze for 3D isn’t simply coming from big budget films and the occasional indie movie. Studio Daily … more »

RED Updates REDCINE-X with 2 Big Features

When RED introduced REDCINE-X, it took the moderately useful and occasionally maddening REDCINE and turned it into an actual usable application. The best thing about this essential RED workflow tool is that it’s in a constant state of being upgraded … more »

The Future of 3D at the SMPTE Stereo Conference

Presentations at SMPTE’s first-ever conference focused exclusively on stereo 3D, held in New York last week, ran the gamut, dealing with everything from camera rigs for stereo acquisition to the effects of video compression and the challenges of transmitting a … more »

Larger Sensors, Smaller Prices

3D was supposed to be THE topic of discussion on the NAB show floor this week, but Panasonic snuck a 2D camera model into the show that grabbed more than its fair share of attention. Designed to help indie filmmakers … more »

NAB Video: RED, Angenieux, Zacuto, Cooke Optics, and More

StudioDaily’s NAB virtual booth tour continues with Ted Schilowitz from the RED Digital Cinema Company at the lead. Enjoy, and keep an eye on the StudioDaily blog and our Watch Video page for more — we’ll be posting new footage throughout … more »

ARRI Unveils Alexa

Los Angeles, CA, April 6,2010–At the Director’s Guild of America, ARRI unveiled Alexa, which the company is calling “the first model in a new generation of digital cameras for feature, television, commercial, documentary, music video production and more.” A prototype … more »

AEG Network Live Broadcasts Black Eyed Peas in 3D

At the Staples Center in Los Angeles, AEG Network Live produced a live broadcast of the Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. Tour in High Definition to 500 theaters nationwide–and to one movie theater in 3D. That theater was located in … more »

Technicolor Donates Archive to George Eastman House

Technicolor announced that it is donating its historic archive—dating from 1915 to 1974—to the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. The George Eastman House is the country’s third largest film archive and the world’s largest technology collection. … more »