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Modern VideoFilm Colorist Aidan Stanford on Grading Modern Family

It's been a busy past few months for Aidan Stanford, a former color timer who is now a digital colorist at Modern VideoFilm in Burbank. The primary colorist on ABC's Modern Family, which just wrapped Season 5, he recently also … more »


Two Great New Color Grading Resources

If you were interested at all in the big DaVinci Resolve 9 beta that was released last week then you might also be interested in a couple of relatively new color grading/color correction resources that have come online in recent … more »


Getting the Right Color for Comedy in 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street may be a comedy, but it doesn’t look like one. On the contrary, much of the film more closely resembles the gritty, streetwise cop dramas it pokes fun at. That was a deliberate choice by directors Phil … more »


Tao of Color Takes a First Look at the Tangent Element

I'm sure most armchair colorists (myself included) have been oooh-ing and aaah-ing at the cool look and modular design of the new Tangent Element color-grading control surface since it was announced. We've followed their development for months and, now that … more »

Useful Tools for Editors: Tonalizer|VFX

Here’s an interesting color correction plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7 and Motion users: Tonalizer|VFX. Released last year by the Danish company Irudis, Tonalizer stands apart from all the other color correction plug-ins out there with … more »

Lightroom 4 Beta Is Alive and Ready for You to Download

Photographers and DSLR video shooters have yet another reason to rejoice as Adobe has just released a public beta of Lightroom 4. It’s a free download, to let users test out quite a lot of new Lightroom features, and looks … more »

Getting Ready for 2012: SpeedGrade Video Demo

Late in 2011 Adobe announced it had acquired a number of assets from IRIDAS. One of those assets is the color grading application SpeedGrade. This is a good thing because, with the demise of Apple Color, that leaves Blackmagic’s DaVinci … more »

DaVinci Resolve Lite Adds Unlimited Nodes, More Colorists to the Population

I got a bit of a surprise when I downloaded Blackmagic’s recent DaVinci Lite update. The free version of the color-grading tool had been limited to only two nodes for color correction. In the 8.1.1 update that limit has been … more »

Chromagic – One More New iPad App for Post

Since my post yesterday about some new iOS apps for post-production I’ve learned of one more: Chromagic, (iTunes link) an iPad-based color correction plug-in for Final Cut Pro. Chromagic comes from Nattress, which was founded by Graeme Nattress and has … more »

A Few Recent iOS Apps for Post-Production

There have been a couple of iOS apps introduced recently that might be of interest to those working in post. One aims to control your NLE as you kick back on the couch for viewing a cut, one is an … more »