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Creating a Dream-like Scene with BCC for Resolve

Give Jason Bowdach of L.A. color-correction and finishing studio Cinetic Studios 10 minutes and he'll show you how to lend a scene a dreamy glow using tools in Boris Continuum Complete for DaVinci Resolve.


Modern VideoFilm Colorist Aidan Stanford on Grading Modern Family

It's been a busy past few months for Aidan Stanford, a former color timer who is now a digital colorist at Modern VideoFilm in Burbank. The primary colorist on ABC's Modern Family, which just wrapped Season 5, he recently also … more »


Two Great New Color Grading Resources

If you were interested at all in the big DaVinci Resolve 9 beta that was released last week then you might also be interested in a couple of relatively new color grading/color correction resources that have come online in recent … more »


Getting the Right Color for Comedy in 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street may be a comedy, but it doesn’t look like one. On the contrary, much of the film more closely resembles the gritty, streetwise cop dramas it pokes fun at. That was a deliberate choice by directors Phil … more »


Tao of Color Takes a First Look at the Tangent Element

I'm sure most armchair colorists (myself included) have been oooh-ing and aaah-ing at the cool look and modular design of the new Tangent Element color-grading control surface since it was announced. We've followed their development for months and, now that … more »

Useful Tools for Editors: Tonalizer|VFX

Here’s an interesting color correction plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7 and Motion users: Tonalizer|VFX. Released last year by the Danish company Irudis, Tonalizer stands apart from all the other color correction plug-ins out there with … more »

Lightroom 4 Beta Is Alive and Ready for You to Download

Photographers and DSLR video shooters have yet another reason to rejoice as Adobe has just released a public beta of Lightroom 4. It’s a free download, to let users test out quite a lot of new Lightroom features, and looks … more »

Getting Ready for 2012: SpeedGrade Video Demo

Late in 2011 Adobe announced it had acquired a number of assets from IRIDAS. One of those assets is the color grading application SpeedGrade. This is a good thing because, with the demise of Apple Color, that leaves Blackmagic’s DaVinci … more »

DaVinci Resolve Lite Adds Unlimited Nodes, More Colorists to the Population

I got a bit of a surprise when I downloaded Blackmagic’s recent DaVinci Lite update. The free version of the color-grading tool had been limited to only two nodes for color correction. In the 8.1.1 update that limit has been … more »

Chromagic – One More New iPad App for Post

Since my post yesterday about some new iOS apps for post-production I’ve learned of one more: Chromagic, (iTunes link) an iPad-based color correction plug-in for Final Cut Pro. Chromagic comes from Nattress, which was founded by Graeme Nattress and has … more »