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At Ford, VR Drives New Ideas in Automotive Design

You wouldn't expect the Ford Motor Company to be a marquee exhibitor at SIGGRAPH. But as advances in computing power make it easier to see photoreal renders early in the computer-aided manufacturing processes, Ford is changing the way collaborative automotive design happens. … more »


Courier Prime Is a Free, Easier-to-Read Script Font

Filmmakers live in a digital world. Figuring out how updated procedures can replace older technology is part of the game when it comes to quality and efficiency. That's how file-based workflows superseded tape, and how the on-set digital lab is … more »


What’s Cooking at Thornberg & Forester? Produce!

FIve-year-old Manhattan creative studio Thornberg & Forester is best known for its design and graphics work, but later this year the company plans to launch a full-on entertainment division. T&F's ambitions in live-action production became apparent with the appearance of … more »