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Half off Avid training

Avid is currently offering a special coupon code for half off the normal $1100 price of select Avid training. This looks like a pretty good deal as the training package provides a full year of access to Avid courses. There’s … more »

Sweet Boris Suite?

Boris recently introduced the Boris Box Set, a full collection of most everything that Boris offers at one low price of $1995. This may be one of the better deals in recent memory, especially for Macintosh users. You get a … more »

A rant about FCP video tutorials

We all know that one of the great things about the Internet has been the ability to share information. For some that may mean seeking out information and help on a particular topic. For others that might be sharing their … more »

One of the best Avid vs. FCP comments I've read

A while back I posted a few words about Final Cut Pro’s Smoothcam feature over on the Editblog. How well it worked vs. how long it took to analyze a clip. There got to be a little debate in the … more »

Speed up encoding with the Elgato Turbo.264

The Elgato Turbo.264 is a tiny, unassuming encoding accelerator in the form of a simple USB thumb drive. Once it’s plugged into your USB port, you will experience H.264 encoding speed increases of up to four to five times faster … more »

Unique Editing Opportunity

  If you’ve ever wanted to edit a feature film then here’s your chance. Director Bruce McDonald is releasing footage from his newest film The Tracey Fragments online for anyone to edit. How much footage? Well pretty much all of … more »

Avid to FCP Changeover Challenge article

The good folks over at www.avid2fcp.com have posted a very long and very handy article on the “changeover challenges” that one might expect when moving from Avid applications (Xpress Pro, Media Composer) to Final Cut Pro. It takes a really … more »

Interesting Forum Posts: An Open Letter to Avid

With the Avid press release that the company is “announcing a major shift in 2008 strategy in response to customer feedback” I thought it would be appropriate to point out this discussion thread on the Avid Media Composer forums. Entitled … more »

Avid Passes on NAB 2008

Avid sent out a press release today announcing it would be making an announcement in February about it’s strategy plans for 2008. It mentioned the general plan to interact more closely with its customers. What that really means, we’ll see … more »

A Warning from Apple about Perian

I recently posted about Perian, “the Swiss-Army knife for Quicktime.” Apple has posted a document that may be of interest if you have been having trouble with AVCHD format if you have Perian installed. From the Apple support site: Issue … more »