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I was impressed by iMovie 08

Did you see the Apple product announcements on Tuesday? This is something I thought that I would never say but the most impressive thing that I saw was iMovie. I have reluctantly used iMovie in the past and it hasn’t … more »

Hometown Bagdad article

If you’re like me you often let your RSS feed subscriptions guide you to the news and information that you want to read. And often those feeds are for blogs. If you didn’t know, there are many parts of the … more »

Editing Iron Man – from the ACE blog

Over at the American Cinema Editors website, there was a recent blog post about upcoming Iron Man movie and it’s post production with editor Dan Lebental. It’s a great post with some really good technical information on the editing systems, … more »

One more FCP troubleshooting post

And to add one more helpful link to the other two posts about Final Cut Pro issues and troubleshooting them … it is always worth bookmarking the Larry Jordan article Troubleshooting Your Final Cut Pro System. The article was written … more »

Interesting Avid business coverage

It was just a few days ago that Avid Technology, Inc., announced the departure of their current CEO David Krall. Avid is a publicly traded company so these kinds of corporate shuffles and re-structures are always noted in press releases … more »

FCP Troubleshooting basics

In keeping with the same ideas from my last couple of posts about helpful info from Internet discussion boards, here is a helpful blog post from IndiesHD. It’s one of those posts that puts together a lot of information right … more »

Interesting forums posts: jobs

Throughout my 8 years of freelance editing, I never once found a job via an Internet posting or job board. I responded to several over the years, usually never getting any kind of response back. The few that did respond … more »

Useful tools for editors: Witch

Often a useful editing tools is not something that directly interfaces with your editing application of choice or your media or your render files or anything directly related to editing itself. It is often a useful system tool that while … more »

FireWire's place in the world

This week Macworld linked to an article at instat.com that pointed out the interface IEEE 1394 (the technology known as FireWire) is headed for a niche status. As and editor in the post production world I always take notice to … more »

Lend a hand at www.studentfilmmakers.com

There’s a lot of internet help forums/message boards all over the web. They are a great place to collect tips, ask questions, get help and even give a little assistance to fellow editors during a long render. The community aspect … more »