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Interesting forums posts: jobs

Throughout my 8 years of freelance editing, I never once found a job via an Internet posting or job board. I responded to several over the years, usually never getting any kind of response back. The few that did respond … more »

Useful tools for editors: Witch

Often a useful editing tools is not something that directly interfaces with your editing application of choice or your media or your render files or anything directly related to editing itself. It is often a useful system tool that while … more »

FireWire's place in the world

This week Macworld linked to an article at instat.com that pointed out the interface IEEE 1394 (the technology known as FireWire) is headed for a niche status. As and editor in the post production world I always take notice to … more »

Lend a hand at www.studentfilmmakers.com

There’s a lot of internet help forums/message boards all over the web. They are a great place to collect tips, ask questions, get help and even give a little assistance to fellow editors during a long render. The community aspect … more »

A Case Against Color

When Apple demoed their new Final Cut Studio application Color at NAB 2007 there were ripples through the crowd and the online community that it would change the look of video programming as we know it since professional color grading … more »

Slating and the Easy Slate System

Jim Harvey has written a nice little review of the Easy Slate System over at Creative Cow. Easy Slate is “the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to incorporate slating into your production workflow.” The kit consists of 2 dry … more »

Useful tools for editors: DockStar

One of my favorite tools that I find I use every day that I am editing is not a generator for Final Cut Pro or a plug-in to Avid Media Composer. It is a tiny little add-on to the Apple … more »

Apple Adds ZFS File System

With OS 10.5, Apple will use the Sun file system, ZFS (Zettabyte File System). Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz let that slip on Wednesday during a Sun presentation. I say “let it slip” because Apple doesn’t like advance announcements. Steve Jobs will … more »

The First Non-Linear Editor

The CMX Model 600 To appreciate the future, we must understand the past. I came across a great demo video showing the first non-linear, random-access video editor. It was created by CMX Systems, a joint venture between CBS and Memorex. … more »

Truly collaborative workflows

Last Friday I participated (remotely – in the spirit of the event) in an Alpha Dog’s Editors Lounge about working working remotely in post production. Full disclosure: I was presenting Xprove, a tool I have a commercial interest in. You’ll … more »