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Five Questions: Andrew Evenski, President, Kodak Entertainment & Commercial Film

On Tuesday, Kodak announced its emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, having spun off many of its businesses — including still-photography products, retail photo kiosks, and document scanners — to refocus on a market it calls "imaging for business." That … more »


Five Questions: From Queens to Cairo Director Sherif Sadek

The Egyptian-American filmmaker Sherif Sadek couldn't be in Cairo as the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 got under way, but he made sure he was there a year later, with both his family and his Nikon D7000 DSLR in tow. The … more »


Five Questions: Ryan Vanni, CEO and Founder, BKWLD

Ryan Vanni founded digital agency BKWLD (pronounced "Buckwild") in 2001. Today, the company offices in Sacramento and Seattle and works with brands including Samsung, Budweiser and 2K Sports. Recently, BKWLD developed an HTML5 website for the fall 2013 undergraduate program … more »

Five Questions: DUCK Studios Animator Ned Wenlock

Wellington, New Zealand-based animator Ned Wenlock is on the roster of Duck Studios for commercial work in the U.S. His work has appeared in campaigns for brands including Honda and McDonald's as well as in music videos for bands such … more »

Five Questions: Adam Levin, Executive Producer, Headquarters Music

Headquarters Music creates custom music and sound for commercials, television, and video games, with an emphasis on bringing successful composers, recording artists, and producers into the world of work-for-hire music composition. Among the studio's recent success stories is the evocative … more »

Five Questions: Peter Bittenbender, Co-Founder and CEO, Decon

Peter Bittenbender founded production company Decon with Jason Goldwatch in 2002. A record-label division came into being a year later. Today, Decon bills itself as an "idea shop," with a portfolio that features a "Green Week" campaign for NBC Universal … more »

Five Questions: Johnny Green, Musician and Composer, Nylon Studios

The boutique Nylon Studios, focusing on music and sound design for TV spots out of offices in New York City and Sydney, Australia, has won a raft of awards including two London International Advertising Awards for original music, Gold and … more »


Five Questions: Aardman Director Rich Webber

Although Aardman Animation has branched out into CG, Flash and other forms of mixed media production, Aardman director Rich Webber still uses molded plasticine and stop-motion animation for all of his projects. Webber is the creator of the series Purple … more »


Five Questions: Chris Phoenix, EP/President, Phoenix Productions

New York creative studio Phoenix Productions claims to specialize in everything, functioning as a creative agency, a production company, a post facility, and more. The company creates everything from branding and graphic design to spots, show opens, and web series. … more »

Five Questions: Patrick Donnelly, Cinema Five Films

New York's Cinema Five Films is a new production and post studio in the Flatiron district of Manhattan that brings together director/DP Patrick Donnelly, director Tim Pumphrey and editor Mark Breese. Their specialty is a little bit of everything, including … more »