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The Double: Duplicating Jesse Eisenberg

Director Richard Ayoade and VFX house Framestore talk digital duplication in thie behind-the-scenes look at Jesse Eisenberg x2 in The Double.


Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy

The movie of the moment is Marvel's August release Guardians of the Galaxy, thanks to an irreverent trailer that introduces audiences to Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and more. Director James Gunn is already known for his cockeyed genre movies Slither … more »


VFX Supe Tim Webber on the Challenges of Gravity

During the past four years, visual effects supervisor Tim Webber has concentrated largely on one film: Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity. During his career, though, the Framestore visual effects supervisor has split his time between broadcast television and feature films and picked … more »


Gravity VFX: Motion, Space and Weightlessness

With all systems go, Warner Bros’ space odyssey Gravity rocketed to an opening weekend record for the month of October, pulling in $55.6 million domestically and $27.4 million globally. The tense thriller opens with a 13-minute sequence that reveals astronauts … more »


Shooting Zero Dark Thirty: 10 Tidbits from the Trenches

With awards season running at full throttle, much ink has been spilled about the political implications of Zero Dark Thirty. The controversy has nearly overshadowed director Kathryn Bigelow's pulse-quickening achievement in translating the boots-on-the-ground details of the CIA's long-running manhunt … more »