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Fujinon Begins Shipping 4K Ultra HD Series Lenses for Broadcast

Fujinon is shipping the new UA22x8 portable zoom lens and the UA80X9 field lens, the first two lenses in its 4K Ultra HD series of 2/3-inch lenses announced at NAB 2015. The UA80x9 80x zoom lens (pictured above, right) has … more »

Fujinon Announces Lens Range on Display at NAB 2015

Wayne, N.J., February 9, 2015 – At this April’s NAB convention in Las Vegas, the Optical Devices Division of FUJIFILM North America will show off its impressive range of lenses, including its latest Cine-Style, broadcast studio, and field lenses. The … more »


2014 FIFA World Cup Games Will Be Shot in 4K, but Not 3D

As FIFA and Sony kick off their HD coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup with today's Brazil/Croatia match-up in São Paulo, preparations are well underway to shoot three key matches from the competition in 4K. It's not yet clear … more »


Fujifilm’s New Cabrio Lens Has a 12x Zoom Ratio

Fujifilm said it will show the Premier PL 25–300mm Cabrio at NAB. The lens, officially dubbed the ZK12x25, zooms through the broadest range of focal lengths of any lens in the Cabrio series. Like all of the Cabrio zooms, the … more »

Fujinon Cabrio Lens and Sony F55 Camera

Matching the Sony F55 with Fujinon Cabrio Zooms for EFP Shooting

The Challenge of Mobile EFP-Style Productions  Mobile EFP-style field productions are loaded with a wide variety of equipment and logistics nuances. The very nature of mobile, small crew, non-hardlined EFP field production calls for lightly accessorized camera setups, internal ND … more »


MTV Video Awards Shoot with Ikegami Cameras, ARRI CMOS, and Fujinon Glass

Watching the MTV VMAs on Sunday night? Here's what's making the images you'll be looking at — it's Ikegami's HDK-97ARRI camera, which uses a large-format ARRI CMOS, plus a Fujinon PL19-90 Cabrio Premiere zoom mounted on the front. MTV ordered … more »


Fujinon Sets 85-300mm Cabrio Lens for NAB Debut

Fujinon will arrive at NAB this year with the Premier PL 85-300mm Cabrio lens, a new, longer version of the 19-90mm Cabrio ZK4.7×19 lens it introduced at last year's show. Cabrio is short for cabriolet, or convertible. Like its predecessor, … more »


With a Little Help from My Friends: The Making of 1000 to 1

Believe me, being a journeyman DP shooting indie pictures is a hard way to make a living, but it does have its rewards. It can be much more than a job for hire if you are able to enjoy the … more »


Chuck Lee presents the latest CineZoom lenses.Click here for more NAB video.

ARRI Unveils Alexa

Los Angeles, CA, April 6,2010–At the Director’s Guild of America, ARRI unveiled Alexa, which the company is calling “the first model in a new generation of digital cameras for feature, television, commercial, documentary, music video production and more.” A prototype … more »