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Trailer: NASA TV UHD

Yes, footage of the earth from outer space is dazzling in any format. But what's really breathtaking about this promo for the upcoming Nasa TV UHD channel, a joint operation with Harmonic, is the hard-rocking 2160p60 resolution. Check it out on … more »


NASA, Harmonic to Launch UHD Channel in U.S.

NASA is working with video delivery partner Harmonic on a UHD channel that the companies say will be the first consumer UHD channel in North America. Slated to launch November 1, NASA TV UHD will deliver 2160p60 video over the same … more »


NAB Top 10: Big Ideas in Production and Post

As always, picking the top products at an NAB show is a tricky task. Yes, some technology is an obvious game-changer right out of the gate, while other innovations either founder on their way out of the factory or stumble … more »