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The Foundry Ships Mari for the Mac

The Foundry's Mari 3D painting software is now available for the Mac. As the company made Mari 2.5 available to Mac users, it also announced a cross-platform 25% off sale on all versions of Mari, reducing the price to $1,495 … more »


Warm Bodies, Cool Strategy

With production schedules squeezing the bejeezus out of visual effects studios, the last thing you’d think a conscientious facility like Look Effects would do is set up new studio in a different city and hire a new crew to create … more »


Hive-FX’s Jim Clark and Guy Cappiccie on Seamless Morphs for Grimm

NBC's Grimm, which resumes its second season on March 8, revolves around a Portland homicide detective descended from an elite line of criminal profilers dating back to the time of the Brothers Grimm. The detective must tread carefully between his real beat … more »


Climbing Barefoot Up the Razor Edge of Application Updates

I'm going to talk about how to stay on top of your key applications as they evolve. Our main software tools now have a significant number of updates and upgrades each year. This can be disconcerting, especially with interface changes … more »


Five (or So) Questions for The Foundry and Luxology

The Foundry and Luxology surprised many in September when the two companies announced they would join forces to co-develop future products. During the excitement we got The Foundry's CEO Bill Collis, Simon Robinson, a Foundry co-founder and its chief scientist, … more »

The Foundry’s Mari Gets Disney’s Paint 3D Tech

At SIGGRAPH last week, The Foundry started spreading the word that it had licensed the proprietary Paint 3D technology developed by Walt Disney Animation Studios for future versions of its new Mari texture-painting tool. The deal represents the first time … more »