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Cinedeck MX Angles to Replace the Tape Deck

The latest entry in the Cinedeck line of SSD recorders that double as playback monitors is the Cinedeck MX, a rack-mountable 4RU system with familiar jog-and-shuttle controls supplementing the usual touch-screen interface. It supports up to four channels of input … more »

DFT Introduces Cloud-Based Dailies System

Stressing affordability in the year of the cloud, DFT Digital Film Technology is integrating its FLEXXITY dailies software for the Mac with online content distribution through cloud video provider 1o1Media. The new system, FLEXXITY + 1o1, will be available from … more »

Phantom Miro M320S

Phantom’s Miro M320S Shoots 1080p at 1540fps

Vision Research has just announced the Phantom Miro M320S digital high-speed camera, which captures super-slow-motion footage at full HD resolution (1,540 fps at 1920×1080) or even a little bit higher (1,380 fps at 1920×1200).The M320S has a 12-bit CMOS sensor … more »


Aframe Brings Cloud Computing to Video Post

Everyone may be talking about the "cloud," but until recently, the thought of using a simple Internet connection to securely access, view and share large, broadcast-quality media files during post seemed about as solid an idea as leaping out of … more »

Weisscam to Bundle ARRI Ultra 16 Lenses and T-CAM in NAB 2012 Offer

Weisscam, known for its high-speed cameras, will use NAB 2012 to offer a limited-release 16 mm production bundle that combines a newly reengineered "SOHA" T-CAM with three of ARRI's Ultra 16 lenses. T-CAMs, shaped like the letter "T," record high-speed … more »

FilmLight to Show New FLIP Look-Management System at NAB

As usual, FilmLight has high-end workflow on its NAB agenda, launching the new look-management system FLIP and previewing a data-management platform for post called FLUX. The company is also expanding its line of products grounded in the Baselight color-grading system … more »


Sony’s NEX-FS700 Shoots Super Slo-Mo with a 4K CMOS

Sony's latest Super 35 digital camcorder, the NEX-FS700, brings super-slow-motion to the table, boasting recording speeds of up to 240fps in an eight-second burst at full 1080p HD resolution. (If you're willing to sacrifice vertical resolution, the FS700 will capture … more »

P+S TECHNIK to Launch New Micro-Compact 3D Rig at NAB 2012

P+S TECHNIK will introduce a new "ultra compact" 3D rig at NAB that aims to compress standard 3D rig functionality into a versatile and extremely mobile configuration weighing under 4 kilograms. The PS-Micro Rig is designed to work with smaller … more »


Autodesk Smooths Workflow in 2013 Product Line

Autodesk upgraded its full lineup of digital content ceation products for 2013, emphasizing a new "Ultimate" bundle that includes 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, Mudbox, and MotionBuilder for $7995. All of the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites now ship with Sketchbook Designer, … more »


Q&A: MTI Film’s David McClure on the New Cortex Platform

Last week, MTI Film announced Cortex, a new platform incorporating advanced digital asset management techniques for file-based workflow. The first product, Cortex::Convey, is a new version of the automated transcoding application for the company's Control Dailies system that was previewed at … more »