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Scott Ross, Uncensored: Part One

I”d like to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction: Scott Ross. Scott is a pioneer in this industry who has helped define the pathway of VFX development. His reputation is out there, from harsh to soft, and … more »

Scanline Vancouver

ScanlineVFX LA and Vancouver: Where the Sky Meets the Sea

As you read this, be aware that my purpose over the past couple of blogs has been to find a few VFX houses that are doing well who were willing to share a bit of information that might help others. … more »

Classy without being extravagant

Thriving in VFX: Up Close and Personal with Luma Pictures

The survival of our VFX industry is a very serious subject for me. Most of my friends are somehow associated with it, and they are, for the most part, talented, dedicated and hard-working folks. So I'm continuing my investigation into … more »

Thriving VFX House in Marina Del Rey, California

Working the New VFX Landscape: Rules to Live By

In my last blog I gave a baker's dozen rules for VFX studios to survive in this difficult time. Now I take a look at individual VFX artists and technicians. The rules have changed big time and keep changing. If … more »

Saving Our American VFX Industry: A Baker’s Dozen Rules for Long-Term Viability

Can the industry be saved here in the US? Of course it can. Lots of things can be done. The question is, what can a VFX house do to insure its existence for the long term? I've been interviewing lots … more »


Coming Attraction: Surviving in VFX

I've watched a lot of VFX companies go under in the last decade and it's a shame. Some were run by friends of mine, pretty much all of them did fine work, too. Others, even some of the principle houses, … more »


Industry Conferences Abroad – Should You Consider Going?

The answer of course is: “It depends.” There are great conferences in Europe and Asia and I've been to a number of them. They are all presented primarily in English and some have simultaneous translation for those few bits done in … more »

Luxology: Building Modo from the Ground Up

Modo is one of the most unique and interesting 3D creation applications available. It has clearly taken its own development path. The team that developed it, lead by Brad Peebler, were originally at NewTek developing LightWave. I often complained in … more »

The Fascinating Story of How Autodesk Came to Be (Part 2)

Founder John Walker is a very interesting guy. He, like Riddle (read more about him in my previous post), is a brilliant programmer and by some accounts a bit of a wacko—not my words. (PC Week columnist Jesse Berst once … more »

The Fascinating Story of How Autodesk Came to Be (Part 1)

Autodesk has been around since the early 80s when John Walker and some of his programmer friends founded it as a small company based on their original product, AutoCAD, an early Computer Aided Design program acquired from programmer Michael Riddle. … more »