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Scanline Vancouver

ScanlineVFX LA and Vancouver: Where the Sky Meets the Sea

As you read this, be aware that my purpose over the past couple of blogs has been to find a few VFX houses that are doing well who were willing to share a bit of information that might help others. … more »


Space Command: An Apology

I hate when I make mistakes and I think I've made a big one in putting you all onto the Space Command project. Although it appears to be a going project, it is not what it was sold as. I … more »

Thriving VFX House in Marina Del Rey, California

Working the New VFX Landscape: Rules to Live By

In my last blog I gave a baker's dozen rules for VFX studios to survive in this difficult time. Now I take a look at individual VFX artists and technicians. The rules have changed big time and keep changing. If … more »


Space Command: An Insane Sci-fi Project You Can Be Part Of

Space Command, the movie, is a bit of a phenomenon and it hasn't even really been cast yet. Marc Zicree, award-winning Star Trek writer and director, among other things, seems to be the nexus of the command project. But he's … more »