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Review: Sony NEX-FS700 with 4K Upgrade

I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of 4K. It’s a bear to deal with, manage, and store. Still, there is no denying that 4K capture may produce superior HD images, with the additional fine detail and reduced noise making … more »


Ikonoskop Discounts A-Cam dII Raw HD Camera Through December

With all the attention paid to raw recording formats in cameras from the industry's big guns — Red, Sony, and Canon — it's worth noting that Stockholm's Ikonoskop has its own version of the raw-format HD camera, the A-Cam dII. … more »


Blackmagic Starts an Internet Forum, Offers Cinema Camera RAW Shots Ready for Grading

Taking a page from Apple, Avid,  Adobe, RED and others, the folks over at Blackmagic Design have launched their own Internet forum. Point your browser to forum.blackmagicdesign.com, complete a registration and you, too, can join in the discussion of all … more »