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schneider optics

NAB 2015 Video: Schneider Optics

Apr 21, 2015

Don Shafer at Schneider Optics discusses new Xenon full-frame prime lenses, including the 18mm and 135mm versions due in...

NAB 2014 Video: Schneider Optics

Apr 18, 2014

Don Schafer on the new Cine-Xenar and Xenon full-frame prime lenses.

NAB 2013 Video: Schneider Optics

Apr 18, 2013

Ira Tiffen talks about infrared attenuation in Schneider Optics Platinum IRND filters and the new True Streak technology.

NAB 2012: Schneider Optics

Apr 22, 2012

Ryan Avery tells us about the new Platinum IRND filters. a new round variable-ND filter, and new lenses. Click...