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Telling Stories with Stock Footage

Stock footage, like many opportunities, is what you make of it. Some clips might seem odd or unusable, but when you need a short clip to set a scene or to fill a gap, you'll be really grateful that a … more »


NAB 2014 Video: Shutterstock

Ben Pfeifer and Derick Rhodes on Shutterstock's brand-new collection of more than 20,000 high-quality 4K clips. 


Get Stock Footage Tips in New York City

If you're a shooter who's sitting on a library of hard-gotten footage, you've probably thought about putting some of it up for licensing. But how to proceed? If you're not sure, mark your calendar — our friends at the Digital … more »


With New Scrub and Scan Tools, Shutterstock Continues to Grow

Online stock library Shutterstock has been in growth mode since it was founded in 2003, though one could argue that the addition of video footage in 2006 helped it turn a corner. At NAB last month, Ben Pfeifer, Shutterstock's VP of New Business, … more »