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Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D conversion

Deluxe’s Stereo D Is 3D-Converting Three Star Wars Movies

Stereo D, a subsidiary of Deluxe Entertainment Group, said today that it has a commission from Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Studios to convert three Star Wars film releases to stereo. The films covered by the agreement are: Star Wars: The Force … more »


The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

Dip into this full-length remake of Episode V a bit at a time, or gorge on the whole thing—it's made up of more than 480 individual segments created by a multitude of fans with prodigious talent, creativity and/or enthusiasm.

Star Wars Toys

Plastic Galaxy Trailer

The epic saga of the people who built the first Star Wars action figures and the generation who coveted and collected them. The film is now available from Amazon on DVD or on-demand at Vimeo.


VES Life Achievement Honoree John Dykstra in His Own Words

  Special-effects and VFX artist John Dykstra has been named the latest winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Visual Effects Society, an honor that will be officially bestowed in a February 12, 2014, ceremony at the Beverly Hilton … more »


Four Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again

Portland ad agency Sincerely Truman created the lushly illustrated Dear J.J. Abrams campaign with the aim of mobilizing Star Wars fans to demand more from Disney — and touting its own creative chops in the process.


Five Questions in the Wake of Disney’s Lucasfilm Acquisition

I keep trying to imagine what a Star Wars movie would feel like if it opened with one of Disney's magic-castle logos instead of the rolling drum beats of the 20th Century Fox fanfare. It's hard to imagine, but it … more »

Hardcore Fans Howl Over Star Wars Director’s Cuts on Blu-ray

Thanks to the burgeoning entertainment media and the Internet, movie fans have become increasingly savvy about the art and craft of moviemaking over the last few decades. And home-video hobbyists have learned a lot about the process of prepping films … more »

As CES Looms, Vendors Look to Goose 3DTV Sales … and Ditch Those Glasses

The Consumer Electronics Show hasn’t gotten underway yet, but a ton of new 3DTVs are sure to be on display. While some analysts describe sales of 3D-enabled TVs as strong, comparing them favorably to the initial HDTV roll-out, not everyone … more »