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Scratch 8.5

Assimilate Releases Scratch 8.5 with New 3D and HDR Features

Assimilate released the latest update to its Scratch post-production system, adding new 3D workflow capabilities and HDR support.  New 3D features include the ability to ingest stereo media as either a single image stream configured to render both stereo views (in … more »


Five Ways Jean-Luc Godard Breaks the 3D Rules in Farewell to Language

The most physically uncomfortable viewing experience at the New York Film Festival, which runs through October 12, is almost certainly Farewell to Language, the new film by the 83-year-old Jean-Luc Godard, one of the directors who revolutionized world cinema in … more »


Imax Debuts 4K 3D Digital Camera on Transformers: Age of Extinction

Imax today said that it has developed a new 4K 3D digital camera system that was used by director Michael Bay and cinematographer Amir Mokri on Transformers: Age of Extinction, the first feature film to employ the camera. The company … more »


Man Mantis Machine: The Computation of 3D Vision in Praying Mantises

Researchers at Newcastle University put tiny pairs of 3D glasses on praying mantises in an effort to learn more about human vision. More information on the study is available at the school's press office.


Young Rival’s Autostereographic Music Video

Want to see 3D figures, shapes and textures — even a dinosaur — emerge from your screen? If you can see a Magic Eye-style stereo image, you're in luck. Director Jared Raab and artist Tomasz Dysinki captured 3D data with … more »


How Douglas Trumbull Made a 4K Film in 120 fps Stereo 3D

JMR Electronics has released some information on an ambitious new project undertaken by filmmaker Douglas Trumbull, whose work on 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner is the stuff of VFX legend. It's a 10-minute high-frame-rate short titled UFOTOG — … more »


Taking 5.1 Temp Mixes Even Farther for Star Trek Into Darkness

It may be tempting to phone in your temporary audio mixes during the editing process. But what if you could create full 5.1 temp mixes — not simple placeholders — while you cut, letting sound and picture inform each other … more »

Creation_03 630

Q&A: Ntropic’s Nate Robinson on Marco Brambilla’s Creation [Megaplex] 3D

If you've ever been to New York's Standard Hotel, you've seen the work of Marco Brambilla, a New York-based video artist originally from Milan. Civilization, the first in the three-part [Megaplex] video series that continued in 2010 with Evolution [Megaplex] … more »

Dolby 3d.mp42013-04-14-13h26m41s27

NAB 2013 Video: Dolby 3D

Dolby's Rolan Vlaicu explains new developments and partnerships, including with The Foundry and the Cameron-Pace Group, related to its Dolby 3D glasses-free stereo playback format.

Pretend to Demo Stereoid Tools Off-Site at NAB

Pretend, the new company helmed by Nothing Real founders Allen Edwards and Arnaud Hervas, will demonstrate updates to its new Stereoid software for manipulation of stereo 3D footage at NAB. Stereoid, a sub-$1000 tool for Mac and Linux platforms that … more »