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DGA to Women, Minorities in TV: It’s Not Getting Better

If you're a woman or minority working in television, are you better off now than you were four years ago? A new report from the Directors Guild of America (DGA) suggests the answer is no.   For the third year … more »

Was a Slick, Simple Apple TV Set to be Steve Jobs’ Magnum Opus?

Steve Jobs may have died earlier this month, but more than his spirit lives on inside Apple — he’s said to have left the company with four years’ worth of new releases and product interations based around his ideas in … more »

Thunderbolt Baby: A TV Station in a Mac Mini

What do you get when cross a Mac Mini, Final Cut Pro X and BlackMagic’s new UltraStudio 3D? Today at IBC, the folks at ToolsOnAir are showing what the next-generation of Thunderbolt-enabled devices will look like: small, compact, inexpensive and … more »

Watch a 1980 James L. Brooks TV Show Take On Network Censorship

In the 1979 to 1980 TV season, Taxi executive producers James L. Brooks, Stan Daniels, and Ed Weinberger launched a new lawyer-themed comedy on ABC, The Associates. One of the 10 episodes aired before the show was canceled was “The … more »

Shooting in NYC this Summer? Hire a “Made in NY” PA

While reading a piece yesterday in the LA Times about New York’s recent surge in television production, I was reminded again why this city is so resilient. Pilots jumped from just three in 2010 to a record 22 this year, … more »

PBS to Break into Programming with Promos

Are commercial-free channels an endangered species? According to The New York Times, the famously commercial-free PBS plans to start inserting spots touting show sponsors into its popular science shows Nature and Nova. The new approach, which was first floated publicly … more »

Panasonic Opens 3D Innovation Center

Panasonic just opened its Panasonic 3D Innovation Center-Hollywood, an addition and “West Coast base” of the existing center at its regional North American headquarters in Secaucus, NJ, which opened in September. Panasonic already has an R&D presence with its Panasonic … more »

FCC’s Genachowski to Broadcasters: Voluntary Spectrum Auctions Are Coming

At CES 2011, FCC chair Julius Genachowski addressed an overflow audience and then sat down for a brief conversation with CEA president Gary Shapiro. “Unleashing spectrum to help mobile grow is on the top of our list,” declared Genachowski, who … more »

Next Element by Deluxe debuts

Nearly a year after Next Element Studios opened its doors in Burbank, the facility has reopened as a Deluxe Entertainment facility, Next Element by Deluxe. Deluxe acquired Next Element in April and spent six months undergoing an expansion and redevelopment. … more »

Todd-AO Upgrades TV Mixing Facilities

Just in time for the new TV season, Todd-AO upgraded its five TV mixing facilities. The upgrade was part of a two-year plan, said Senior VP of Engineering Bill Johnston at CSS Studios, Todd-AO’s parent company. “We first upgraded our projection … more »