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Cinesite Merges with Image Engine

Making good on a promise of international expansion after its 2012 purchase by British private equity firm Endless [see our previous coverage], VFX and animation industry mainstay Cinesite has merged with Vancouver's Image Engine. The deal brings the total worldwide headcount … more »


VFX Tax Credits in Vancouver, BC, Expand to Cover Post-Production Too

The British Columbia government approved a 2015 budget that includes new funding to expand the existing Digital Animation or Visual Effects (DAVE) tax credit to include post-production film activities. The expansion will be effective as of March 1. In an … more »


Warm Bodies, Cool Strategy

With production schedules squeezing the bejeezus out of visual effects studios, the last thing you’d think a conscientious facility like Look Effects would do is set up new studio in a different city and hire a new crew to create … more »

Scanline Vancouver

ScanlineVFX LA and Vancouver: Where the Sky Meets the Sea

As you read this, be aware that my purpose over the past couple of blogs has been to find a few VFX houses that are doing well who were willing to share a bit of information that might help others. … more »

Mechnology Visual Effects and Digital Lab Expands to Vancouver

In a major expansion of its visual effects and digital lab services and personnel, Mechnology has opened a second studio in Vancouver, B.C., according to Mechnology founder and president Chip Potter.Mechnology Vancouver has brought aboard Sean Bowers as general manager.  … more »

Jason Dowdeswell is New Head of Production for Digital Domain in Vancouver

Digital Domain Productions said today that Jason Dowdeswell will head Vancouver-based productions, talent and teams, as well as lead collaboration with Digital Domain facilities in Venice, San Francisco, Florida, London, and Mumbai.Dowdeswell's career prior to joining Digital Domain included two … more »