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Jason Dowdeswell Will Lead FuseFX in Vancouver

Jason Dowdeswell has been named head of production and senior VFX supervisor at FuseFX in Vancouver. Formerly VP of production operations at Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver, Dowdeswell will be in charge of production activities at FuseFX's Vancouver operations, including a … more »


Cinesite Merges with Image Engine

Making good on a promise of international expansion after its 2012 purchase by British private equity firm Endless [see our previous coverage], VFX and animation industry mainstay Cinesite has merged with Vancouver's Image Engine. The deal brings the total worldwide headcount … more »


VFX Tax Credits in Vancouver, BC, Expand to Cover Post-Production Too

The British Columbia government approved a 2015 budget that includes new funding to expand the existing Digital Animation or Visual Effects (DAVE) tax credit to include post-production film activities. The expansion will be effective as of March 1. In an … more »


Warm Bodies, Cool Strategy

With production schedules squeezing the bejeezus out of visual effects studios, the last thing you’d think a conscientious facility like Look Effects would do is set up new studio in a different city and hire a new crew to create … more »

Scanline Vancouver

ScanlineVFX LA and Vancouver: Where the Sky Meets the Sea

As you read this, be aware that my purpose over the past couple of blogs has been to find a few VFX houses that are doing well who were willing to share a bit of information that might help others. … more »

Mechnology Visual Effects and Digital Lab Expands to Vancouver

In a major expansion of its visual effects and digital lab services and personnel, Mechnology has opened a second studio in Vancouver, B.C., according to Mechnology founder and president Chip Potter.Mechnology Vancouver has brought aboard Sean Bowers as general manager.  … more »

Jason Dowdeswell is New Head of Production for Digital Domain in Vancouver

Digital Domain Productions said today that Jason Dowdeswell will head Vancouver-based productions, talent and teams, as well as lead collaboration with Digital Domain facilities in Venice, San Francisco, Florida, London, and Mumbai.Dowdeswell's career prior to joining Digital Domain included two … more »