New Enhancements to Web-Based Application Include Spot Podcasting

Nice Spots announced today a dramatically enhanced version of their eponymous asset management application. Nice Spots V.2 adds the ability to podcast, build web-reels and create and burn DVDs, making it the most feature rich application in it‚s field.
After the successful launch in November 2005, Managing Director, John DiMaggio and lead programmer, Scott Treude, got straight to work on various enhancements to the system. Among the new features is the ability to build a reel and distribute it via podcast. Clients can upload spots in various file formats, and Nice Spots will convert them to the proper format for podcasting and viewing on a video iPod.
Branding is big in Nice Spots V.2. Companies that wish to connect Nice Spots directly with their website can add their logo and change the colors of Nice Spots to match their brand. Users also have the ability to create branded Web reels that can be quickly customized and sent instantly.
One of the other exciting new features allows a custom DVD to be created within the user-friendly Nice Spots interface. Then using Nice Burn, a custom Mac and PC desktop application, users can automatically download and burn the DVD on their own computer. The system supports both PAL and NTSC DVDs, and can also convert material between the two TV standards.
The application still maintains all of its original functions. Collaboration is made easy by using Nice View to view material, leave comments for other users, create storyboards and use the chalkboard feature to mark up frames. Thumbnails are spring-loaded, so when you mouse over them, they spring up 5x larger. Nice Spots also makes possible quick viewing, which enables users to send a link for viewing and downloading without the need for registering or logging in.
Developed by New York-based Nice Shoes as a result of years of experience working with ad agencies, creative editors, producers and directors, Nice Spots is a hosted web-based application for working with every phase of the audio and video creative process. In addition to archiving and retrieval, Nice Spots can streamline every aspect of production, including the review and approval stages of advertising agency projects.
Nice Spots is currently offering a 30-Day free trial. For more information, check out or e-mail John DiMaggio at