From New 50"and 65" Models to the World's Largest at 103"

Panasonic Broadcast, the market and technology leader in professional plasma displays, has announced the availability of its new line-up of 1080 progressive scan full HD pro plasmas. The 65″ TH-65PF9UK is available now and will be followed by the 103″ TH-103PF9UK (the world’s largest plasma) by month’s end and the 50″ TH-50PF9UK in November.
With an impressive 2.07 million pixels (1,920 x 1,080) of resolution, these 1080p HD pro plasmas offer about twice the resolution as standard high-definition models, and produce the entire color range specified in the HDTV standard (ITU-R, BT709), for ultra-accurate, natural-looking images that remain truly faithful to the original HD source. The 1080p HD models feature a high contrast ratio of 5,000:1 and 16-bit processing to reproduce super-crisp motion pictures with an astounding 4,096 steps of gradation. For the full 1080p models, Panasonic has developed a Super Cinema mode, whereby the Digital Color Reality feature accurately reproduces the warmth of light and delicate shading in each scene by continuously adjusting the white balance and performing gamma correction as the image changes. Digital Color Reality is four times more precise in the digital control of color and brightness compared with standard HD plasmas.

“Panasonic continues its leadership in professional large screen displays with these new 1080p HD models that produce the highest HD image quality available,” said Robert Harris, Vice President of Marketing, Panasonic Broadcast. “Our future-ready full 1080p plasmas make incredible, spectacular images, and offer the industry’s best expandability so video professionals can equip each display with the options that best meet their application.”

Harris added that Panasonic 1080p HD plasmas are already drawing rave reviews, as two pre-delivery 103″ TH-103PF9UK plasma displays are playing an integral role on NBC’s new Sunday evening Football Night in America studio show.

From production studios to command and control, presentations to digital signage and from videoconferencing to media facilities, customizable terminal boards for the Panasonic 1080p units allow these displays to become super-flexible, “all-in-one” installations. The 1080p plasmas have three, interchangeable multi-function slots (on the back) to equip the units with a wide range of terminal boards to assure their usage in virtually any AV, PC or interactive environment. Each 1080p HD model comes standard with the new TY-FB9HDD UXGA / WUXGA compatible DVI-D board and 1080p compatible TY-42TM6A Component Video terminal board. A new option is the TY-FB9HD, an HD-SDI board that supports 1080p 50/60 formats and is ideal for production studios and post-production screening applications.

Additional advanced technologies incorporated to allow the 1080p plasmas to deliver their phenomenal image quality include a new Motion Pattern Noise Reduction system to provide a consistently sharp image across the entire image during fast-paced scenes, a Contrast Management system that perfects the color of each individual portion of the image displayed, and a 1:1 pixel mode, which maps the 1920 x 1080 one-to-one to 1080p pixels to display 100% of the original content.

The 1080p HD plasmas can display a full range of HD/SD signals including 1080/60p/50p, 1080/60i/50i/24p/24sF/25p/30p, 1080/50i, 720/60p/50p 480/60i/p, and 575/50i/p. The 1080p models also feature Advanced Dual Picture Mode, which allows users to combine video/audio clips with text from a computer in picture-in-picture and picture-out-picture modes for presentations. For easy setup of multi-screen systems, the 1080p plasmas feature a built-in image-enlarging functions to enlarge images up to four times normal size vertically and horizontally while maintaining image quality, and can be configured in a variety of different combinations (from 1×4 to 2×3, up to a 4×4 construction).

Also, with the new PLUG-VC251 PC board, Panasonic’s 1080p plasmas can become a turnkey computer system. With the PC board, these large screen displays can be updated with content and controls instructions from a centrally located system. The PC board is compatible with Windows XP and XP-embedded operations systems and a wide variety of Windows-based applications software.

In addition, for long distance transmission, a new CAT5e transmitter with a switcher function (model KE811CT) allows a user to send high-resolution video signals to a 1080p plasma up to 500 feet away from a separate command center, as well as to control up to 128 plasmas simultaneously from a single location. A new CAT5e switcher allows the user to change the plasma display’s input from presentations to live video and more, reducing the cost of set-up time and allowing greater flexibility in placement. When equipped with the HD-SDI board, the 1080p plasmas can be easily integrated into broadcast systems that use HD-SDI in their studio or control rooms.

The 65″ TH-65PF9UK is available now at a suggested list price of $10,995. The 103″ TH-103PF9UK will be available by the end of the month at a suggested list price of $69,999.95. The 50″ TH-50PF9UK will be available in November at a suggested list price of $5,995.

From the industry’s highest picture quality to the industry’s most versatile application options, Panasonic professional plasmas offer seamless integration in virtually any AV, IT or interactive environment with an ultra-stylish design that looks great even when the panel is turned off. Only Panasonic offers the widest range of plasma sizes, from 37″ to the world’s largest plasma panel at 103″. With the introduction of its new 1080p HD plasma line, Panasonic continues to remain at the forefront of the plasma display industry. For more information on Panasonic professional plasma displays and a listing of authorized dealers, visit our web site at