Major Additional Announcements: Pro Pocket Camera, 4k Displays, and a 4k Projector

The RED Digital Cinema tent is much bigger this year and the crowds are enormous!
In the midst of the stampede to get to the RED booth at 9:am, I had the chance to sit down with Ted Schilowitz of RED and get the lowdown on the other RED “scoops” not covered in my RED @ NAB, Part 1 article…and they are eye-openers indeed:
1. RED is developing a Professional Pocket Camera ‘ a miniature camera. Ted couldn’t give me any further details on it, but said there would be more info released in the coming weeks.
2. RED is also developing a new line of 4k displays
3. RED is also developing a new 4k projector

With RED’s completion of development of the RED One camera system, announcement of a new line of S35mm cine prime lenses, a new close focus 18-50mm cine zoom lens, Apple support for REDCODE, 4k display of the 4k REDCODE RAW footage shot by Peter Jackson, and now these new announcements above, RED seems to have placed all the pieces of a beginning-to-end workflow on the table.

The Peter Jackson footage is stunning: plane-to-plane footage with WW1-era biplanes, period war scenes, etc. Projected in 4k, it is really breathtaking stuff ‘ lots of gasps and sighs in the crowd!

With shipping of the completed RED cameras just around the corner, RED Digital Cinema has now moved from being a “we’re going to build this” company into a new status of a “we have built this, and we’re also going to build this” company. What remains now is for the new RED camera, lenses, and accessories to be tested in the field by independent producers, directors, and cinematographers. That will happen immediately! (see below)

Steve Gibby, President of Cut4 Media Group ( is an Emmy-winning producer/director/cinematographer, a national Emmy Awards judge, and a veteran of several hundred national television programs that aired on twelve different broadcast and cable networks. His stock footage is currently available through Mammoth HD (