Real-Time Playback at 3K Resolution

IRIDAS, who introduced the first live playback of
RAW files earlier this year, today announced support for real-time
de-Bayering of ARRI D20 digital camera footage. The ARRI RAW file format,
which offers 3K resolution and 12-bit color depth, can be played directly in
FrameCycler and SpeedGrade. Since RAW files are one third the size of
uncompressed RGB formats, this means substantially lower storage
requirements and will save filmmakers the time that would otherwise be
required to render RAW footage before it can be viewed.
"The new IRIDAS RAW playback capability is the link that has been missing
until now," said Achim Oehler, D20 project manager at ARRI. "Now we have a
seamless solution for working with the D20 RAW data in its native format."

"Working with RAW is just so much more efficient," said Lin Kayser, IRIDAS
CEO. "There's less data to move, less, to store, and yet you're working at
full 3K resolution. This will be tremendous for digital dailies workflows
with the non-destructive color correction capabilities of SpeedGrade DDS,
for example."

The ARRI D20 is the third RAW file format supported by IRIDAS. CineForm RAW,
and the Phantom camera RAW format are the others.

Support for the ARRI D20 3K RAW format will be made available with
SpeedGrade DDS, IRIDAS new digital dailies application scheduled for release
in August 2007, as well as the other SpeedGrade and FrameCycler
applications. For more information, please contact IRIDAS at +49 89 330 35