Media Distributors, America's preeminent distributor of professional products and services for entertainment and enterprise, will present a First Ever Technology Showcase of Holographic Storage at the company’s Studio City headquarters starting at 4 PM on June 21st. The announcement was made today by Richard Myerson, President, and Tom Evans, Senior VP, Marketing, Media Distributors.
The Media Distributors presentation will showcase how today's holographic optical storage solutions can reshape recording and archiving. Working with its strategic partners In-Phase, DSM Terastore and PoINT Software, Media Distributors will debut a full live working demonstration of holographic storage, with added discussions involving its application process and innovations. The June 21 event will be the first and only demonstration of its kind in North America. Shipments of both holographic drives and recording media commence next month through Media Distributors.
Regarding the event, Mr. Myerson said, “We are delighted to be in the position of presenting cutting edge demonstrations such as these. We see our role as serving in a liaison capacity to industry leaders in the video production and entertainment arenas who would greatly benefit from learning more about how to integrate holographic storage into their workflows. We already have numerous VIP’s from every facet industry ‘ from studios, production, post-production, government, education and Fortune 500 companies, committed to joining us for this special event.”

Added Mr. Evans, “We are the first company, anywhere, to demonstrate a fully operating Holographic Storage system in the U.S. In-Phase, DSM and PoINT have recognized the strong relationships, service and know-how Media Distributors possesses in serving the entertainment industry. As such, we are planting our flag as the first and lead re-seller of Holographic Storage for the entire entertainment industry.”

What is Holographic Storage?
Holography breaks through the density limits of conventional storage by going beyond recording only on the surface, to recording through the full depth of the medium. Its combination of speed, form factor, capacity and long archival life make it ideal for video asset management.
Much Higher Transfer Rates
Unlike other technologies that record one data bit at a time, holography records and reads over a million bits of data with a single flash of light. This enables transfer rates significantly higher than current optical storage devices.
A Wave of the Future – Now
High storage densities and fast transfer rates, combined with durable, reliable, low cost media, make holography poised to become a compelling choice for next-generation storage and content distribution needs ‘ particularly video assets. In addition, the flexibility of the technology allows for the development of a wide variety of holographic storage products that range from handheld devices for consumers to storage products for the enterprise. Imagine having 50 hours of high definition video on a single disk, 50,000 songs on a postage stamp, or 500,000 x-rays on a credit card. Holographic storage makes it all possible.
Holographic Storage Benefits
  • 300GB – 1.6TB Capacities / low media cost
  • 20MB/s-120 MB/s transfer rate and milliseconds data access time
  • Near-line access to hundreds of gigabytes of data; no need to restore data from tape; less expensive than raid solution
  • 50 year media archive life
  • Reduce data migration and skip a generation or two without worrying about media degradation
  • Prevent accidental or unauthorized changes to data; meets data authenticity requirements
  • Reduce expenses of temperature and humidity controlled environment
  • 4 levels of error correction, Write verification / robust data recovery
  • Standard SCSI, FC, Ethernet interfaces supported / easy integration into workflows
For More Information About This Event:
Holographic Storage Showcase: June 21, 4-8 PM
Media Distributors
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