If you’ve ever wanted to edit a feature film then here’s your chance. Director Bruce McDonald is releasing footage from his newest film The Tracey Fragments online for anyone to edit. How much footage? Well pretty much all of it. In a page on the film’s official website there is a part called Re-Fragmented. There anyone can download all of the footage shot during the four weeks of production in four separate BitTorrent files. The site states the downloads are approximately 4-5 gigs each and include a Final Cut Pro project file. The winner may have his or her cut included as a bonus feature on the DVD. The catch? The contest is only open to residents of Canada. While us Americans can’t enter, we can still download and play with the footage. It’s not often that one get offered all the footage from a feature film to edit and use on their own. In fact the site even states that users can “download and edit their own related projects including music videos, new trailers or re-edit the entire movie.” Being that the files are so large it might take some time to download them as I couldn’t get any of the torrents to even begin downloading. But if you can and you have the time it could be a great learning experience. Thanks to Filmlinker for pointing this one out.