CineForm Products Reduce Post-Production Costs and Simplify Workflow Complexity for the Growing Inventory of 4K Camera and FilmScan Content

CineForm, Inc. today announced that Prospect 4K and Neo 4K, the newest members of its post-production software family, are now shipping. Both products quadruple the image resolution supported by the online compressed digital intermediate (DI) workflow pioneered by CineForm up to 4K (4096 x 4096) pixels. Neo 4K is compatible with virtually all Windows AVI or QuickTime applications that support image resolutions up to 4K including Adobe ® After Effects ®. In addition, Prospect 4K includes CineForm’s real-time video processing engine optimized for Adobe Premiere ® Pro on Windows, which enables the industry’s first real-time multi-stream 4K editing workflow. Both products include a license to CineForm’s Mac codec for cross-platform HD/2K/4K compatibility.
Further, CineForm has made a beta release available on its website of its format converters that are compatible with 4K digital raw footage shot by the DALSA Origin ® and Vision Research Phantom™ 65 cameras. Users can choose to convert uncompressed digital raw footage into 12-bit CineForm RAW™ or CineForm 444™ files (AVI or MOV) which then enables its 4K online editing workflow within Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium.

New high-resolution digital cinema cameras and digital film scanners produce images up to 4096 horizontal pixels. Using traditional techniques an uncompressed 4K file at 24 frames per second requires a sustained bandwidth of about 1 GByte per second, or nearly 4 TeraBytes of storage per hour! Few filmmakers or post-production facilities can manage such massive data requirements and the associated storage costs. These problems are addressed by CineForm’s new product offerings. CineForm’s acclaimed CineForm Intermediate™ Wavelet compression technology reduces file sizes in the range of 5X ‘ 10X with no perceivable visual degradation, even through a multi-generation post-production environment. With substantially-reduced bandwidth requirements, storage costs also decline accordingly, adding up to significant workflow cost reductions. Now professionals needing to manipulate large motion images benefit from both a simplified and cost-efficient workflow.

“The market for 4K post-production is beginning to emerge,” said Simon Hayhurst , director of product management for Dynamic Media at Adobe. “CineForm’s Prospect 4K and Neo 4K take a step forward at solving the challenges associated with managing massive image sizes, and their tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects enables our customers to benefit from an integrated workflow for 4K post production.”

“The Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium suite of products provides an impressive infrastructure for us to leverage as we design our high-resolution workflows”, said David Taylor, CEO of CineForm. “In particular, Premiere Pro is the only mainstream desktop NLE that supports 4K images, and with its tight integration to After Effects we can enable a comprehensive online 4K editing, compositing, and effects solution otherwise unavailable in the market.”

Pricing and Availability

Both Prospect 4K and Neo 4K are available for purchase from CineForm’s website or through CineForm’s network of resellers. The MSRP for Prospect 4K is $1999 and Neo 4K is $999. Special upgrade pricing is available for existing customers. Both products are available as fully-functional 15-day Trial versions downloadable from CineForm’s website.