Step 1: Connect Cables
After shooting, remove the SxS card from camcorder and place it in the express slot of laptop; or attach the camcorder (with the SxS card still inside) to the computer via the supplied USB cable and turn the camera power switch to the Media position.
Step 2: Import
In Final Cut Pro, initiate the import by using the pull-down menu- File/Import/Sony XDCAM. This opens the Sony XDCAM Transfer software interface.
Step 3: Arrange Your Clips
Select the clip to view from the thumbnail images in the top half of the interface. Play the clip in the viewing window at the bottom of the interface. You can also mark "ins" and "outs" if you just want to import part of the clip. Add comments and other information to the clip in the lower right area of the interface.
Step 4: Import All Your Clips
Click on the Import button to ingest the clip to Final Cut Pro. You can import all the clips on the card by selecting all the clips and them clicking on Import.
Step 1: Connect to the Input
Connect the HD-SDI output connector on the camera (BNC) to the SDI input of the capture device.
Step 2: Log and Capture
In Final Cut Pro, select Log and Capture.
Step 3: Select Your Clip
With the PMW-EX1 power switch set to Media, select the first clip. Press the Play control on top of the camera.
Step 4: Capture
In Final Cut Pro, quickly start the capture by pressing Now in the Capture interface.

Your Guide

David Leathers
Filmmaker/Musician Eye Square Productions
David Leathers is a writer, producer and musician in the Los Angeles area. He's been working on NLEs since 1990. In the late 1970s and early 1980s he was a member of the punk band Mink DeVille. His company, Eye Square Productions, specializes in audio and video post.
David Says Keep in Mind…
There are three ways to move footage from the Sony PMW-EX1 camcorder to Final Cut Pro. Deciding which method to use depends on your equipment and desired file format.
You can directly import XDCAM-HD files by attaching your camcorder (with the memory cards still in it) to the computer via USB cable (method 1) or by removing the cards from the camcorder and placing them in the express card slot of a MacBook Pro (method 2). Both methods require Final Cut Studio 6.02 and XDCAM Transfer Software (a free download from Sony).
The third way is to capture the video via the (HD)SDI output of the camera into a computer using an (HD)SDI capture card or device. The camera's SDI output can be set to HDSDI or to a down-converted SDI signal. If you use this method, the video can be captured in alternative formats and codecs, including Apple's ProRes 422.
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