The HD/DI records in 2K at a speed of 3.2 seconds per frame

The Arri Group has introduced the Arrilaser HD/DI, an entry level-model film recorder for digital intermediate (DI) recording that’s initially limited to resolutions up to 2K but can be upgraded with a 4K option if needed.
The HD/DI records in 2K at a speed of 3.2 seconds per frame with the same full dynamic range of 2.04 densities above base onto intermediate material.

With its HD Module software plug-in, the system allows recording of native 1920 pixel per line (HD files) for full-aperture and Academy formats without rescaling. A native Academy module software plug-in allows recording of 2048 or 4096 pixel across the Academy area without rescaling. Standardized jobs can be started at the click of a single button.

The optional ALICE (the Arrilaser Interactive Configuration Editor) gives visual control over the process and offers the fastest, easiest and safest way to configure image processing. With Arricube, the system has color management for videolook that offers the possibility to match the colors of the film projection result with the colors of a video monitor as part of the Arrilaser image processing.

The Aquamat feature offers an automated image analysis system for 35mm film- a transportable device to measure image quality (geometry, photometry, MTF, flare, signal to noise gamma, shading) and recalculate compensation parameters. The option speeds up service and reduces machine downtime. A statistic function allows to describe performance over time.

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