Iconix Video and Sunset Gower Studios announced the opening of S3D Studio, which they are calling “the first fully equipped stereo 3D-ready stages of their kind in the world.” Equipment includes an array of stereo-ready rigs, Iconix cameras, stereo playback and record devices.

Each stage at Sunset Gower and Sunset Bronson is equipped with on-set pre-post services for stereo dailies and full stereo postproduction provided by Stereoscope Studios in Burbank, which also has a S3D insert stage for shooting effects, green and blue screens and compositing simultaneously under one roof.

Iconix, the camera company known for its tiny HD camera, segued into 3D at the last NAB, showing a stereo rig that could easily hold two of the company’s signature egg-sized cameras.

Iconix Video CEO Bruce Long says that “3D was a natural evolution for us.” “We’re working to accelerate the adoption of stereo, and by creating S3D studios, we’re able to bridge the gap between existing Hollywood and stereo,” he says. “S3D studios will allow producers to move into stereo with their same crews and teams. Our goal is to support, not supplant.”

The Iconix Video hand-held stereo rigs were developed in association with Doggicam Systems. Rig options also include tripod mounted rigs and Doggicam System’s new High Def Dolly system configured to mount the Iconix stereo 3D HD system. All stages have appropriate lighting packages and multiple record options on set.

In Hollywood, the historic Sunset Gower (original home of Columbia Pictures) and Sunset Bronson (originally the Warner Bros. studio facility) studios were recently acquired by Hudson Capital, which has been renovating its stages for digital production.