As some readers may or may not know, Studio Daily has a store. It’s a great resource for training DVDs and downloadable tutorials on any number of topics from the usual non-linear editing software offerings to more advanced VFX software like Maya or Houdini. There’s also educational materials on camera hardware from manufactures like Sony, Canon and Panasonic. Another offering at the Studio Daily store are archives of the Studio Daily webinars. There are currently two offerings, the Business of VFX and Animation and Tips for Using the RED Camera: Production and Post. Both webinars are priced at $55 and are available in the Studio Daily store.

I recently sat down and watched the RED webinar. Panelists included Andrew Young  (Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning director/DP and VP, Special Projects, at DuArt’s film lab and digital post facility in New York), Mark Pederson (Principal and co-founder of Offhollywood Studios and Offhollywood Digital) and Dylan Carter (Director of Nonlinear Workflows, Ascent Media Creative Services). Some of those names will be familiar to those that frequent the forums. Since this webinar was conducted early in 2008 my first thought was that it would be entirely out of date since the RED technology (both with the camera and in post) has moved so fast but that’s not really the case. The information provided could be quite beneficial to those struggling to understand the RED camera and it’s unique workflow as well as those totally new to the camera. The webinar didn’t focus entirely on a particular piece of software or a single workflow so there is a lot of good general information that a RED newbie could gain from the presentation. It’s nearly two hours in length with the first half being presentations from the experts and the last half a question and answer session from those who viewed the webinar live. The webinar is setup with revolving slides that give a visual element to an audio presentation. If you are new to RED, wondering about the workflow or just looking to gain a little bit more knowledge in this brave new digital world then the $55 might be well spent.

I hope Studio Daily will make these RED webinars fairly common since they technology is constantly changing. In fact, the webinar concept is quite a nice way to learn, especially if it is affordable.