If you have that next great independent film idea / pitch / script then this contest might be for you (and me). Prep Shoot Post has posted a video that is a quick interview with two principals from the Filmmakers Alliance, the group sponsoring the competition. The competition is called the Ultimate Filmmaker Competition and if you win it then it could be a launching pad to great things. The prizes are (from the competition website):

– A FULLLY [sic]PRODUCED FEATURE FILM with a cash production grant of at least $200,000 and resources totaling in excess of $500,000.

– A Major Festival Premiere.

– Simulatneous [sic]theatrical, cable, retail and online distribution.

– Development, production and distribution guidance, support and mentoring.

– Production software.

– A Canon HD Camera.

Now, there is a$50 entry fee and the competition is divided up into 5 different stages with the first deadline original submission until June 19 with the winner announced January 20, 2010. The stages go from entry ideas to writing samples to script to making a short film with a lot more in between. Full details can be found on the competition’s info page. It looks like a modern day Project Greenlight! With the recent scaling back of independent film financing it’s nice to see such a competition. I don’t know anything about the Filmmakers Alliance but if this competition is for real then they will pull off a great service to those of us who love independent American cinema. I just wish they would have spell check the competition website … there’s two typos in the prize list above that I copy/pasted off their website.