Lenny Lipton with 3D Motion Picture Camera, Burbank, 2007 (THUMBDr. Lenny Lipton, stereoscopic guru who has served as CTO at RealD, announced that his tenure at the company has come to an end. RealD has made its name providing equipment and technologies for the projection of stereoscopic films, largely in motion picture cinemas. “I wish the company well,” said Lipton. “It has done a remarkable job of helping to ensure that the stereoscopic cinema will flourish.” RealD just completed its work on Henry Selick’s critically acclaimed “Coraline.” Lipton reported that his next step will be to start an independent consulting business “to help theatrical filmmakers and other professionals in the electronic stereoscopic display industry.”

“Lenny has been a valuable member of the team that made RealD the global leader in 3D cinema and professional applications,” said a RealD spokesperson. “We look forward to working with Lenny as a consultant and know in his new endeavors he will continue to help filmmakers harness the power of 3D.”