Las Vegas, NV, April 22, 2009…For the first time, RED plans to offer education: an immersive, in-depth week-long course dubbed REDUcation. The first course will begin in Summer 2009,

“REDucaiton is the next logical step for us,” says RED executive Ted Schilowitz.  “These courses will evolve over time, and  just as the earliest RED ONE owners and early RED projects were critical to RED’s success, the first round of students and faculty will be critical to the success and growth of REDucation. They will be learning from industry leading professionals but they will also be crafting the education for the future of the motion picture industry.”

The course is broken down as follows:

RED TECH is a 3 – day, fully hands-on training designed for learning  best on-set practices with RED. Developed for the camera ssistant, DIT, data wrangler or DP who want to learn more about the art and science of RAW digital cinematography as it applies to their crafts. The training allows attendees to explore RED cameras in small group learning environments with qualified RED technicians as faculty. It will  prep attendees on all aspects of working on RED productions at every scope and budget levels.

The development of next Generation Scarlet and Epic cameras will also be presented and discussed, and there will be high resolution, theatrical screenings of various RED-shot projects with discussions on work practices of these projects. The RED camera classes will be taught in the real world environments where RED cameras are prepped and readied for production.

RED IN POST is three days of in-depth  training with RED technology, designed for professionals working with Red in post production. The course will be taught by experts who have worked in post production on RED projects.  Topics include  file prep for dallies and editorial, color grading and finishing on multiple platforms and recommended practices taught in a fully hands on, “Learn with the tools” concept. Editing and finishing tools and techniques for RED post on TV commercials, episodic TV, new media, music videos, and motion pictures will be taught.

COMMUNITY DAY is for attendees participating in either of the two training sessions, or the complete 7 days. Community day will enable attendees to mingle with guest speakers from the industry, technology sponsors and instructors, explore case studies and attend screenings.