Keisoku-Giken Co. Ltd. (, a leading manufacturer of uncompressed imaging solutions, for production, post-production, and digital cinema environments, announced today the launch and immediate availability of the UDR-100 uncompressed portable recorder, which can record stereoscopic 3D in HD or capture 2K. At NAB 2009 the UDR-100 will be shown capturing from an ARRI D21.
The UDR-D100 is a compact-size, lightweight, battery-driven uncompressed recorder designed particularly for digital cinema shooting. It records high definition images especially suited for digital cinema, content management, broadcast, advertising, and archival such as at museums.

Setting the standard for versatility, the UDR-D100 can also be used for 3D(Stereo) shooting at HD, 4:2:2 format using 2ch HD-SDI input.

The system can be camera mounted, hand carried, on shoulder, kept in a back pack or adapted to any shooting style. From studio to location, the rugged durability makes it ideal for action shooting from vehicles, motorcycles, helicopters, airplanes and boats.

In addition to its compact size and light weight design, the UDR-D100 can be driven by a rechargeable DC battery for cord-less application as real-field-recording. The recording media is selectable either from HDD Disk Pack for longer shooting and Flash Pack (SSD) for higher durability. Those media can be replaced easily like film magazines and it can continue recording with additional recording packs. Recording time is 100 minutes at 1920 x 1080 24p, 4:4:4 in a HDD pack (1.50 TB) and 22 minutes in a Flash pack (384 GB).

The UDR-D100 is adapted to Panasonic Variable frame rate and ARRI Data mode and can be used as a recorder for any camera that is provided with HD-SDI output including ARRID21, SONY F23/F35, Panasonic AJ-HPX3700 and others.

One advantage of the UDR-D100 is a LCD viewer. It shows not only menu settings but also recorded images. The recorded image files are shown as thumbnails and images are reviewed on this LCD viewer right after shooting. This feature gives maximum assurance to the shooter, especially on location.

The UDR-Pack Reader is a data loader to a non-linear editing system. Once images are shot on the disk pack (HDD or Flash pack), the pack can be removed from the UDR-D100 and the image files are then downloaded to a non-linear editing system (server) though the UDR Reader.

The UDR-100 records uncompressed images, which provides for higher efficiency in editing environments, especially in visual effects applications. Many sequential uncompressed formats including AVI, CINEON, DPX as well as QuickTime format are supported.

Recorded image files are copied into industry standard LTO-3 or 4 tapes for back up purposes or for storage. Once the tapes are made, it can be sent to anywhere. Also, the setting parameters and condition of the UDR-D100 can be stored into USB memory stick for easier setting in a field or enables to set the UDR-D100 at same condition whenever necessary.

K.Hirano, President of Keisoku Giken Co. Ltd., states, “We designed the UDR-D100 to be a comprehensive portable recorder that can be used in the field in multiple conditions. Integrating seamlessly into the post production process, it is easy to use, highly versatile and provides unprecedented control to today’s digital cinematographer without requiring any sacrifices in function, features or quality. Cinematographers will be able to enjoy the true uncompressed world with the UDR-D100.”