As a departure from the usual Useful Tools For Editors category that features mainly software tools here’s a dead-tree edition that you can soon hold right in your hand. Due to be released near the end of August is the book RED: The Ultimate Guide to Using the Revolutionary Camera by Noah Kander of Call Box. You might remember Noah as Call Box has long been a supplier of training DVDs for everything from 24P Post Production to Digital Color Correction. Call Box recently switched from DVD delivery to downloadable files but this useful tool is a full fledged book. In fact it’s the first and maybe only printed book dedicated to the RED camera.

Here’s the table of contents of RED: The Ultimate Guide to Using the Revolutionary Camera from the Call Box website:

1. RED: The History of the Future

Part I: RED Pre-Production and Shooting
2. RED Workflow Overview
3. Defining Your Project
4. Building a RED package
5. Working with Sound
6. Exposing the Image
7. Exploring Shooting Formats

Part II: The RED Workflow: Post-Production
8. Building a RED Post-Production System
9. Using Helper Applications
10. Final Cut Pro Workflow
11. Adobe Premiere Pro Workflow
12. Avid Workflow
13.  Finishing Your Project
14. Archiving Your Media
15. Your Future with RED

Appendix – Complete System Menu Map

Appendix – RED Footage Gallery

12 POV Interviews with Industry Professionals

The book isn’t available yet but is listed with an August 30, 2009 publication date on Amazon. Pre-order now for $34.64 which is 37% off of the Amazon list price of $54.99. I still enjoy sitting back on the couch with the computer turned off to read and learn about new technology so I look forward to checking out a copy.