Press Release

In response to Apple’s decision to leave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Greenpeace Toxics Campaigner Casey Harrell issued the following statement:

“Greenpeace applauds Apple’s decision to be the first technology company to leave the United States Chamber of Commerce over the organization’s opposition to mandatory limits on greenhouse gases. Many companies in the Chamber have progressive and responsible policy positions on climate change that are diametrically opposed to that being advocated in their name by the largest lobby group in the United States (1)

“Greenpeace’s work in the sector has highlighted where IT companies have a tremendous business opportunity to provide the 21st century energy efficient and high tech solutions to reduce greenhouse gases economy wide. Greenpeace specifically calls upon IBM and Microsoft, who sit on the Chamber’s Executive Board, as well as all other IT firms who claim to be leaders on climate change, to publicly and emphatically renounce the Chamber’s position on limiting greenhouse gases and demand a change in its directorship, or follow Apple’s leadership and leave the body in protest.”