This looks like a very interesting application … GridIron Flow is what the developers call the “world’s first Visual Workflow Manager.” From the GridIron website:

Flow gives you a total understanding of your project, visually and intuitively. In one simple interface, you’ll see all your project files, how they’re related to each other, and where they’re located – on a local drive, on a network volume, even on a DVD you burned a few months ago.

That’s a very intriguing idea for an application that will work in the background and monitor the application you are working in as well as all of the different files and assets an individual project uses and then be able to provide reports and information all in a visual way. I’m haven’t quite wrapped my head around it after reading about the beta version a while back though the guided tour has helped. The full release version is now shipping and there’s a demo that can be tried for free as well. There’s a growing list of supported applications and included in that list is the Final Cut Studio apps as well as the Adobe Creative Suite. It looks like a motion graphics artist who builds After Effects comps with hundreds of different elements could benefit quite a bit from Flow. While it’s probably not really a Mac Finder replacement as was mentioned on Twitter it does look to offer a new way of project tracking.

Are you currently using Flow or have you worked with the demo? Please comment below and let us know how the application has worked for you. GridIron Flow is available for $299 for both Macintosh and Windows.