Press Release

 The new Studio One version 1.0.2 maintenance release is now available and adds several new features and fixes more than a dozen issues in Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist. In addition, the Studio One manual is now available in German.
With version 1.0.2, you can now select a track after you choose Edit Automation and can drag a parameter to that track, and you can disable the click sound on outputs used by the Pipeline hardware-insert plug-in. Also Korg’s nanoKONTROL device has been integrated into Studio One, and Studio One Artist now comes bundled with our Gate, Expander, and Analog Delay Native Effects plug-ins, which previously were only available with Studio One Pro.
For a complete list of the problems that have been fixed, please see the Studio One 1.0.2  Hot News
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The version 1.0.2 update is recommended for all Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist users. Registered users can update their copies using the link in Studio One’s Start Page.
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